What Channel Is Peacock on Fios? 8 Best Shows to Watch 2024

Peacock is a treasure mine of amazing things to watch, from awesome movies to series you can’t stop watching. Finding the channel may be a bit like a treasure hunt at times. This article will talk about what channel is Peacock on Fios so you may enjoy all of its content. Ready to upgrade your TV viewing experience? Let’s begin!

What is Fios?

FiOS stands for Fiber Optic Service and is a good way to upgrade your internet and TV. Unlike traditional connections, FiOS sends data via high-tech fiber-optic wires making everything ultra-fast and reliable. 

This means you can watch your favorite content, play games without lag, and have a library of channels on your TV. This is the amazingness of FiOS! It provides an exceptional internet and television experience. So, if you want fast internet and a wide range of entertainment alternatives, FiOS is the way to go! Keep reading to find out what channel is Peacock on Verizon.

What Are Subscription Plans of Fios?

With different internet, TV, and phone services, Verizon Fios is available to various preferences and budgets. Let’s look at some of their popular internet services.

1- Fios Gigabit Connection

This package offers download and upload rates of up to 1 Gbps for heavy users. It’s the go-to option for people who use a lot of streaming, gaming, and large file downloads and it costs $79.99 per month.

2- Fios 500 Mbps 

With download and upload speeds of up to 500 Mbps, this plan starts at $59.99 monthly. It is ideal for those who enjoy 4K streaming, online gaming, and managing numerous devices simultaneously.

3- Fios 300 Mbps

This package is ideal for families with several devices and usual internet use, offering download and upload speeds of up to 300 Mbps. It costs $49.99 monthly and ensures all household members have a smooth online experience.

4- Fios 150 Mbps

This plan is designed for consumers who require basic internet services such as surfing, emailing, and light streaming. It offers download and upload rates of up to 150 Mbps. Starting at $39.99 a month, it provides a cost-effective choice while meeting basic online requirements.

Now that you know about the subscription plans, let’s talk about what channel is Peacock on Fios.

What Channel Is Peacock on Fios?

Now let’s get into the details of Peacock Fios channel number. FiOS is more than just cable TV, it’s an internet television provider with many channels and on-demand entertainment. It also has fast internet for your devices. If you’re wondering about Peacock TV on FiOS, here’s the deal. 

There isn’t a dedicated channel for it. Peacock unlike typical cable channels, is a streaming service. Thus it will not be featured among your other FiOS channels. You must download their app or visit their website to watch Peacock’s amazing series and movies.

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What is Peacock TV Offering?

Peacock presents a huge choice of TV shows including classic series, current favorites, and original ventures. This includes titles like “The Office,” “Parks and Recreation,” and Peacock Originals such as “Brave New World” and “Girls5eva.”

1- Movies

The service offers a range of movies covering different genres. This comprises a combination of vintage classics, new movies, and exclusive Peacock Original Movies.

2- Sports 

Peacock includes sports programs such as live sports events, sports documentaries, and coverage of numerous sports leagues.

3- News

Peacock offers news programs that keep viewers up to date with current events.

4- Children’s Entertainment

There is a variety of family-friendly entertainment for children, such as animated series and movies.

5- Peacock Channels

Peacock features selected channels that give a constant stream of content in many genres, providing a TV-like experience.

6- Peacock Originals

The platform develops its own unique material, including TV shows, movies, and documentaries, which are available only to Peacock members.

7- Premium Packages

Peacock offers both free and premium subscription packages. The premium levels contain additional benefits such as access to more material, an ad-free experience, and offline viewing.

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What Are the Best Shows to Watch on Peacock TV?

Here are some well-received shows on Peacock:

  • The Office: This entire series of renowned and most favorite workplace comedy show is accessible on Peacock.
  • Parks and Recreation: This famous mockumentary-style sitcom follows the Parks and Recreation Department employees in the fictional town of Pawnee, Indiana.
  • Psych 2: Lassie Come Home: A film adaptation of the television series “Psych,” which features the return of the dynamic detective pair.
  • Mr. Mercedes: Based on Stephen King’s novel, this crime thriller series shows the chase of a dangerous killer by a retired detective.
  • Girls5eva: It is a comedy series about a 90s girl group reuniting after a long absence and attempting a comeback in the modern music industry.
  • Departure: Departure is a tense drama series that follows the investigation of a mystery plane disaster.
  • Yellowstone: It is a drama series starring Kevin Costner about a prominent rancher family.
  • Brave New World: It is a science fiction series based on Aldous Huxley’s novel that features a futuristic and thought-provoking plot.


How Can I Watch Peacock on My TV?

If you have a smart TV, go to the app store and download Peacock. You can then launch the app and follow the on-screen instructions.

Is Peacock TV Free on TV?

Unfortunately, Peacock’s free service was discontinued in early 2023.

How Much Is Peacock TV?

You may sign up for a Peacock Premium plan for $5.99 monthly (+tax) or $59.99 yearly (+tax).


Now we have confirmed what channel is Peacock on Verizon! Gaining access to Peacock TV offers access to a big library of entertainment. While Peacock TV does not have a dedicated channel on Fios, it fits easily into the streaming system. Fios members can access a huge range of material by downloading the Peacock app or visiting their website. This includes classic shows, movies, sports, and Peacock Originals. 


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