The Essence of Reading and How to Do It Efficiently

Despite what the misconception is, reading is not a preserve for writers. Through reading, we are able to learn more about various crafts, whether it is with regard to particular specifications in engineering, marketing, teaching, or management.

Reading is essential since it helps spark new ideas and propels humans forward. Importantly, reading facilitates people to think in new ways and escape the typical trappings and patterns of normal lives.

Incredibly, Bill Gates, one of the world’s moguls, shared that he reads at least 50 books a year. When quizzed by reporters about how reading is important in his life, Gates simply shared that ever since he was a kid, he had always enjoyed reading a key way of learning. Notably, influential productivity consultant David Allen emphasizes the significance of reading for personal and professional growth.

Admittedly, he mentioned that the evolution of technology has facilitated him to interact with scientists and watch numerous online lectures. Still, he confessed that reading remained the primary way he is able to learn about the world and evaluate his understanding.

The Essence of Reading and How to Do It Efficiently

Finding the Time to Read

Allocating specific hours in a day dedicated to reading can be an arduous task. Stephen King, arguably one of the best novelists of this generation, shared that when it comes to finding time to read, the trick lies in teaching oneself how to read in small sips as well as in long swallows.

Squeezing some reading time during the 7-minute coffee waiting period, the 32-minute doctor visit, and 21 minutes waiting for others to prepare, can see one push through volumes of paperwork in no time. Basically, to become an efficient reader, one should always be on the lookout for moments when time seems better spent on other activities, like waiting for the train to come by the station or for a meeting to commence.

Quality Content

As David Allen, inventor of the Getting Things Done productivity system posits, the quality of a workflow’s outputs is fundamentally limited by the quality of its inputs.

Noticeably when one is not making a deliberate effort to filter some of those ideas and voices, one can easily end up throwing about 7 minutes away while reading a clickbait post.

The trick with reading is ensuring that all the right dots find their way into one’s matrix. Through reading a wide array of content from diverse sources, we are able to gather more dots to inform out work and life decisions. Proper stacking of Bookcase Design can also go a long way in ensuring that one is able to cover volumes of work with ease.

Good Content

Some popular sites on the internet rank highly on particular subjects, together with discussions about those topics from industry insiders and experts. It is through accessing those sites that one can find quality content applicable to one’s situation. UsePanda is a fantastic resource that can be put to good use in discovering quality content on the web from some of the highest-ranked curation sites, all on a single page.


The platform was designed for lengthy and community discussions. Because of its convenience, many consider the platform as the simplest way to blog. Conversely, that translates into more posts on Medium that are varied, not just specific to one’s interests. At the same time, there are a high number of quality pieces curated to match one’s preferences.

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