Why is One Airpod Louder Than the Other? 7 Easy Fixes

Have you ever put on your AirPods and felt one airpod louder than the other? It can be quite irritating, isn’t it? We’re here to figure out why this is happening and how to fix it. AirPods are supposed to provide excellent sound on both sides, yet they occasionally malfunction. Check why one is shouting while the other is barely whispering and how to get them back in sync for a more balanced listening experience.

Apple AirPods

Apple AirPods are a pair of wireless Bluetooth earbuds created by Apple Inc. They first debuted in December 2016 and have become one of the market’s most popular wireless earbud alternatives. The AirPods are well-known for their elegant design, flawless interaction with Apple products, and cutting-edge technology.


Here are some amazing features of the Apple Airpods:

1- Wireless Connectivity

AirPods use Bluetooth technology to connect to devices such as iPhones, iPads, Apple Watches, and Macs. They provide a cordless and wireless experience.

2- Automatic Pairing

When the charging case is opened near the AirPods, they employ Apple’s proprietary W1 or H1 chip to enable automatic pairing with Apple devices. This allows for a rapid and painless connection.

3- Sensors and Controls

AirPods have sensors that identify when they are in your ears, enabling automated play/pause capability. Touch-sensitive controls are also available for operations such as changing music, adjusting volume, and activating Siri.

4- Siri Integration

Users can use Siri hands-free by saying “Hey Siri” while wearing AirPods. This enables voice commands and control without requiring direct interaction with a device.

5- Charging Case

The AirPods include a little charging case that protects the earbuds when not in use and adds battery life. The AirPods are charged when placed in the case, and the case can be charged with a Lightning connection.

6- Battery Life

AirPods provide a few hours of listening time on a single charge, and the charging case allows for numerous extra charges, prolonging overall battery life.

7- Audio Quality

AirPods are designed to provide high-quality audio focusing on pure sound and a balanced listening experience.

Apple has released numerous improved variants since the initial AirPods, including the AirPods Pro, which offers active noise cancellation and a more customized fit with silicone ear tips. The AirPods Max, an over-ear headphone model with excellent audio, was also announced.

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Why Is One Airpod Louder Than the Other?

If you are wondering why is one of my airpods louder than the other or why is my left airpod so quiet, you are not alone. This issue is a common customer complaint that can be related to many reasons. 

1- Earwax Buildup

Earwax buildup is a common cause of one AirPod being louder than the other. Earwax can clog the speaker mesh or ear tip, reducing sound production. Everyone should clean both the AirPods and ears regularly.

2- Audio Balance Settings 

Imbalanced audio settings on the linked smartphone can result in uneven volume levels between the AirPods. To achieve a consistent sound experience, users should verify the audio balance settings and ensure they are centered.

3- Software Faults 

Occasional software faults or network issues may result in volume discrepancies. These software-related issues can be addressed by resetting the AirPods and verifying their latest firmware updates.

4- Firmware Problem 

AirPods with outdated or faulty software can cause one to sound louder than the other. Firmware-related issues can be resolved by keeping the firmware updated and conducting resets.

5- Hardware Issues

In some circumstances, hardware difficulties, such as speaker damage, can cause unbalanced loudness output. If cleaning and software troubleshooting do not address the problem, it may be a hardware issue that necessitates professional evaluation or replacement.

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How to Fix One Airpod Louder Than the Other?

If one AirPod is louder than the other, there are many troubleshooting methods you can do to resolve the issue:

1- Clean Your AirPods:

Earwax and dirt might build on the speaker mesh or inside the ear tip, reducing sound quality. Gently wipe both AirPods with a clean, dry towel or a tiny brush.

2- Clean Your Ears: 

Make sure your ears are clean of wax and other obstructions. The problem may not always be with the AirPods but with earwax obscuring the sound.

3- Examine Audio Balance Settings: 

Check the audio balance settings on your connected device. Center them to guarantee balanced sound distribution between the left and right AirPods.

4- Reset Your AirPods: 

Perform an AirPods reset. This is accomplished by erasing the AirPods from your device’s Bluetooth settings and reconnecting them. You can also place both AirPods in the charging case, open the lid, and push and hold the button on the case’s back until the LED light flashes.

5- Firmware Update:

Check that your AirPods have the most recent firmware updates. Bug patches that solve any imbalance issues may be included in future updates.

6- Try Different Audio Sources:

To rule out device-specific difficulties, try your AirPods with alternative audio sources. If the issue persists across multiple devices, it is most likely a problem with the AirPods.

7- Seek Professional Assistance: 

If none of the preceding measures address the problem, there may be a hardware issue. For more information, contact Apple Support or visit an authorized service provider.

Following these steps increases your chances of detecting and addressing the problem of one AirPod being louder than the other.


How do I fix one Airpod louder than the other?

You troubleshoot this by following these methods:
1. Clean Your AirPods
2. Clean Your Ears
3. Examine Audio Balance Settings
4. Reset Your AirPods
5. Firmware Update
6. Try Different Audio Sources
7. Seek Professional Assistance

Why is one of my AirPods suddenly quieter than the other?

There could be several reasons why one of your AirPods is suddenly quieter than the other:
1. Earwax or debris: Accumulation of earwax or debris in the speaker mesh or on the AirPod itself can block sound and cause one of them to sound quieter.
2. Bluetooth connectivity issues: Sometimes, connectivity problems can occur, leading to one AirPod having a weaker connection or volume level compared to the other.
3. Software glitches: Occasionally, software bugs or issues can affect the audio balance, causing one AirPod to sound quieter.
4. Hardware problems: Defective hardware, such as a damaged or malfunctioning speaker or internal component, could also lead to one AirPod producing lower sound levels.


It might be frustrating when one AirPod is louder than the other, but it can be easily fixed. Solving these problems can easily restore the balance in sound dispersion. From earwax accumulation impacting the speaker mesh to uneven audio settings or potential software faults, you can try different methods to get your AirPods running. 

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