How to Unwind as a Mom

It’s not always easy to unwind as a mom. Once we become a parent, we are the go-to person for clean clothes, three meals a day, and endless questions that must be answered at the drop of a hat. However, for our own sanity, it is important to get a break every now and then. Taking time to unwind allows us to return bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, rather than craggy and irritable. If you’re struggling to get just 5 minutes to yourself, here are some top tips for relaxation.

how to unwind as a mom
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Stay in Touch with Friends

This method of relaxation is so important when you are a new, busy mother. Staying in touch with friends not only takes your mind off the endless list of tasks you have in front of you, but it also reminds you of who you are as a person. Even if you have to bring your little one along to a coffee meet-up, or a brunch-date, be sure to keep meeting up with the friends that you hold dear to your heart.

Use Vaping to Get Your Outside Break

For moms who vape regularly, be sure to use this as an opportunity to get some mental respite. Use your e-cig as a moment to unwind and think about pastimes that aren’t childcare or work. If you have yet to use a vape or e-cigarette, then you can easily find starter kits online at Just taking 10 minutes outside of work to enjoy the fresh air could be exactly what you need.

Adapt Your Home Climate

If you feel as if you are constantly switching from a hectic household to searching for somewhere peaceful, you may want to consider changing your home’s ‘climate.’ It’s true that your household should absolutely be adapted to your children’s needs, but it also needs to serve you as a parent. If your one room for respite is now filled with strewn toys and half-finished paintings, you may wish to make some adjustments. Encouraging your children to tidy up after themselves before dinner means that once they’re in bed, the home feels like yours again. While the children are at their friends’ for dinner, or away at sports practice, spend some time with a hot mug of coffee and a book – in a room that feels as if it belongs to you too.

Upgrade Your Bathroom

In a similar vein to making a home that feels like an adult’s home too, it could be a good opportunity to upgrade your bathroom. Putting the kids’ toys in a bathroom cabinet, scattering the room with candles and giving it a bit of a refresh could create just the place for respite that you need. Whether you overhaul your bathroom entirely and turn it into a spa, or just hide the bottles that say ‘child-friendly shampoo’ your bathroom could be the best place to unwind. Asking your partner to keep the kids occupied downstairs while you enjoy a book with a glass of wine could be just the mental vacation that you need.

Finding space to unwind a mom can be a bit of a task. However, with support from friends and family, and by making the house a place for you too, you can find a place to truly relax.

Edna is a cleaning service provider and writer. She is interested in lifestyle, home improvement, cleaning and eco tips.