How Playing a Variety of Games Can Improve Your Skills at Any Game

Despite what your parents may say, gaming can form important connections within your brain, helping you think strategically and make decisions faster. Scientists have examined the aging brain, and they have concluded that cognitively stimulating activities, such as playing games, can improve your memory and help you avoid degenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer’s, in the future. Take a look at these four ways gaming can help you develop skills that are helpful in many different genres of game entertainment.

How Playing a Variety of Games Can Improve Your Skills at Any Game
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1. Strategy Development

Virtual chess, war games, and battle scenarios all require strategy. Even fast-paced action adventure games require high level planning and obstacle anticipation for players to advance through the levels. Military and management professionals have dedicated hours of strategy study to learn how to build efficient organizations. Similar planning skills come into play during simulation and world-building games, as you allocate resources and help a virtual community thrive.

2. Reaction Time

You will gain speedy reflexes during video game sessions. First person shooters help you develop focus and multitasking abilities that can carry over to quick reflexes in sports games, card games, and fighting games. With practice, you will be able to deploy quick key combinations and move out of harm’s way, while new gamers struggle with numerous obstacles. Professional games often invest in specialty computers and peripherals so that their reaction times are not hindered by their gaming hardware.

3. Collaboration

Many MMOs and first person shooters incorporate multiplayer features into gameplay. You can put your teamwork skills to the test by helping a group achieve a mutual goal. Guild and team efforts often reward you with higher-level armor, weapons, and achievements as you accomplish tasks as a group. Find a team that you feel comfortable socializing with. Games with multiplayer features can help you develop some great leadership and team-building skills.

4. Snap Decisions

Decision-making is an important process, and gaming will help you make quick, calculated, and informed decisions. This skill ties in with strategy development and reaction times. Honing your snap decision skills with free games can help you advance through gaming ranks, allowing you to take the leaderboards. If you delay for too long, an opponent in a game may damage your character, or you may lose an opportunity to gain massive amounts of points. A snap decision is made after long periods of practice, so that you can familiarize yourself with the outcomes of specific actions and combinations.

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