The Different Types of Psychic Mediumship and Their Unique Abilities

A fascinating subfield of spiritualism, psychic mediums are those who claim to be able to channel messages from the other side. Psychic mediums bridge the gap between the material and ethereal dimensions so that living people can communicate with their loved ones who have passed on.

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However, you need to bear in mind that even if you choose a good psychics website, you will still have to learn how to differentiate between the available psychic mediums. Generally, they focus on contacting the spirits, but many choose to focus on one particular style of mediumship that calls for certain skills and techniques. Let’s take a look at the many forms of psychic mediumship and the unique abilities they each possess.

Mental Mediumship

When you ask someone about mediumship, they usually refer to mental mediumship. Psychics specializing in mental mediumship get messages from the other side through thoughts, perceptions, and feelings.

They frequently get information in the form of words, pictures, or symbols, which they decipher and pass on. Clairvoyance and clairaudience are two additional abilities that mental mediums might have that would let them communicate with the dead.

Physical Mediumship

If you watch a horror movie where someone claims to talk to spirits, you are quite likely to see examples of physical mediumship.

To demonstrate the existence of spirits, physical mediums must manipulate and use physical energy. This is a more unusual form of mediumship that typically occurs in a formal setting called a séance.

Table tipping, levitation, and audible spirit communication through the medium’s voice are all examples of physical events that some mediums claim to be able to generate. They can even make things appear out of thin air or move them with the help of the spirits.

Trance Mediumship

Psychics that practice trance mediumship put themselves in a trance-like state so that a spirit can momentarily take over their body.

In this mode, the medium’s rational mind is temporarily bypassed, allowing the spirit to use the medium’s voice or body to convey its message. The degree to which a spirit is able to exert influence over a medium’s body depends on how deeply the medium is in a trance.

Spirit art Mediumship

Psychic mediumship and creative skill come together in spirit art mediumship. The medium is a channel through which the spirits can influence the creative process.

To communicate with the other side, they might sketch or paint a portrait of a ghost they had encountered. It is important to note that spirit art mediums frequently enter into a state of controlled trance to interact with the other side and create the desired work of art for guidance.

Healing Mediumship

Healing mediums focus on channeling healing energy from the spirit realm. They may be of great assistance to those in need of physical, emotional, or spiritual healing.

To put it simply, healing mediums facilitate the transfer of healing energy from spirit healers to people in need. They may use hands-on treatment, energy exchanges, or absent healing to help those in need from afar.

In order to restore health, a healing medium must be able to sense energy imbalances, pinpoint the source of pain, and provide direction.

Psychic Investigation Mediumship

Psychic investigation mediums use their gifts to investigate crimes, locate missing people, and explain historical events that have remained a mystery.

Mediums trained in psychic inquiry can gain information from the energy imprints of places and items. Quite interestingly they claim to have a conversation with a ghost who was involved or get an impression that will help them piece together what happened.


Psychic mediumship is an expansive and varied subject that requires many different skills and talents. Different forms of mediumship provide distinctive channels to connect to the other side. Psychic mediums bridge the gap between the physical and spiritual realms, bringing solace, closure, and direction to those seeking a link or resolution through delivering messages from loved ones. Just remember that every psychic medium comes with different skills, so you have to consider that before selecting top-rated psychic readings online.

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