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Clinical Trials: Are They Safe?

When we hear about experimental drugs and human testing, it invokes thoughts of science experiments gone wrong, resulting in horrific deformities or incurable conditions. However, there is no way around it—if a...

Effective Treatments for Hemorrhoids

In order to treat hemorrhoids effectively, it is helpful to define the condition and understand the cause. Hemorrhoids refer to veins that become swollen in the anal canal. While the condition results...

Electronic Cigarette Kits: What to Expect

Electronic cigarettes, also known as vaporisers, are everywhere these days…but what is the allure? What do they have to offer, and why are so many smokers switching to them? If you've ever...

Why Smoking is So Addictive and What You Can do About It

Are you a chain smoker and you have tried in vain to quit smoking? Are you tired of smoking but just can’t quit because your friends do? What makes it so hard...

E-Cigarettes: What You Should Know about These Overnight Stars

You've probably seen adverts of e-cigarettes, heard about them on the radio, seen them on TV or perhaps came across friends and family members who vape. But do you really know why...

The 3 Best Blogs If You Want to Quit Smoking

So you've read all the books, picked up all the newsletters, gone to the meetings, and you still find yourself craving cigarettes after your coffee break in the morning, or during that...
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