Benefits of Having Your Vacuum Built-In Your Wall

If you’ve experienced this, then you should definitely consider purchasing one of the best pieces of cleaning equipment available—the central vacuum. Traditional vacuums leave debris behind, and they’re loud. With a central vacuum, however, your surrounding environment will be free of not only dust and dirt that can ruin your health but also the loud and unpleasant noise. You’ll be able to live in peace.

Central vacuum systems are built on your wall. It’s a building-bound vacuum system that operates through a centrally located, motorized power unit. Usually, the motor system and tank for debris collection are located away from the main living spaces, such as in the garage or basement, to keep the disturbance and dirt outside of the home.
A built-in wall vacuum involves concealed tubing inside the house’s walls. As its tubing system is connected to the main motor vacuum device, it can work efficiently without leaving any dust particles in the living space.

Not many homeowners are aware of what centralized or built-in wall vacuums are or the benefits they offer. And not knowing, they might opt for portable vacuums over built-in, but traditional vacuums can be bulky and smelly, and often leave you wondering how clean your carpet really is.

Homeowners also worry that installation will be a major headache. One of the most popular myths about central vacuums is that installing a system in an existing home requires extensive remodeling and tearing down walls. This is false—the only hole that’s drilled is covered with an inlet backing layer, and the pipes are usually passed through an attic, basement, or crawl spaces.

Let’s look at some other benefits you get if you invest in a built-in wall vacuum in your building:

built in wall vacuum
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1. Minimal Vacuum Noise

We’re all aware of how noisy portable vacuums can get. So much so that when someone is vacuuming, it’s difficult to talk on the phone, sleep, or do anything else without getting disturbed.

That’s not the case with built-in vacuums. You’ll be surprised to know how silently they work. Usually, the motor is the key source of the noise—it comes from the air that flows through the vacuum and from the vacuum head. But a central vacuum motor is stored in the garage or basement, away from the living space, so people won’t be disturbed by its noise.

You’ll find that when you have a central vacuum, a quiet life can actually coexist with vacuuming.

2. Easy to Install and Maintain

A traditional portable vacuum cleaner needs to be replaced every few years—maybe even annually, depending on use—unlike a central vacuum. Built-in wall vacuums only require basic maintenance after installation, and they run for many years, which makes it incomparable.

They’re easy to install and low on maintenance, owing to the following factors:

  • There’s no need to deal with power or extension cords.
  • Your surroundings will be free from recirculated allergy-causing dust particles.
  • It has a huge capacity to collect debris.
  • It has no issues with filtering.
  • All parts of a central vacuum come with a longer life span.
  • It costs less than multiple portables purchased over time.
  • It’s very lightweight.

3. Reduces Allergies and Keeps the Air

Central vacuum owners often notice how much cleaner the air is in their homes. Commercial central vacuums greatly enhance the quality of breathable air in a room by diminishing the airborne particles that can be released when using and emptying a traditional vacuum.

UC Davis Medical School’s extensive studies have shown that using this system instead of a portable vacuum can reduce specific allergy symptoms by up to 60 percent. Studies indicated that central vacuums make the air cleaner by extracting the dust and contaminants from the house and then transporting them directly to the main power unit, where they’re exhausted outside.

4. Comes with Useful Accessories

Due to the extensive range of accessories available for central vacuums, they can reach every nook and corner, including places usually difficult to reach with a standard portable vacuum.

They also come with accessories for cleaning carpets, hard floors, and other surfaces that can get tricky to clean. And long hoses and special tools make cleaning cars and recreation vehicles easy.

This makes it easier than ever to vacuum your house. Normal cleaning methods, such as sweeping, usually agitate dust instead of removing it. However, with a built-in wall vacuum, you can clean every part of your home and be sure you’re living in a clean space.

5. Makes for an Efficient Choice

Purchasing household items is an investment in your home, and installing a central vacuum would be a wise investment. In time, central vacuums save money and actually add great value to your estate.

Remember, they last much longer than portable vacuums. And they’re more powerful too, so they keep your house cleaner.

Built-in wall vacuums can also increase the life span of your upholstery and home furnishings because they easily remove dirt and debris without causing damage.

So if you’re thinking about installing a central vacuum system in your home, Gary’s Vacuflo would be happy to help. We’re committed to improving your indoor air quality and adding value to your homes at reduced costs.

Our team of experts can install central vacuum systems in existing homes or those under construction without any hassle. Being backed by outstanding customer service, you can trust your central vacuum system will last a long time and provide more power.

Contact us today and let us install a built-in wall vacuum to help enhance your home.

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