5 Best Roofing Safety Tips

Best Roofing Safety Tips

Roofing is not an easy job and can be lethal if you’re not careful about it. The ground is high and the job is tough. You could fall and end in a hospital or worse. To work smoothly and avoid any big or small accidents, it is important that you keep in mind the following best roofing safety tips:

Best Roofing Safety Tips

1. Use your head, not just the tools!

Have you seen one of those funny viral videos on the internet where a guy falls off the roof or a high wall because he is not being careful? For roofing, you might want to use your head more than you’ll use the construction tools. Be cautious! Don’t forget to clear everything from your way. Moreover, if you’re doing it the first time, there’s no need to speed things up. Keep it slow and steady!

2. Suit up! Wear your helmet like a crown

Make sure you’re dressed up right for the construction work. Wear loose clothing so that you can work easily without any restrictions. Wear rubber boots to avoid slipping. The most important thing is to put on a helmet before you charge up the ladder because the worst injuries are the head injuries.

3. Check the weather

Don’t just get up and start installing a roof. Do your homework first. Make sure the weather is okay and would remain good. By okay, I mean dry and sunny. If it’s windy, don’t go up there. If it’s raining or there’s even a slightest chance of rain, avoid roofing because the water could make the roof slippery.

4. Grab all the safety equipment

Now, this is the most painstaking part and the most important one. All the care and precaution will be useless if you’ve not taken the necessary safety equipment with you. If you’re working on a steep roof, a roof harness is a must. No matter how good you are, you could slip and a roof harness would save your life. Roof jacks are necessary in any case. You can buy them from any local hardware store near you. Just nail them into the rafters to build scaffolding on your roof. Add railings too if you’re too sacred.

5. It’s always good to have company

You’re being very careful while installing a roof but what if – God forbids – you fall or an accident happens anyway? It will be good to have someone watching your back. It is always wise to hire a good roofing company southeast Michigan for the most difficult of tasks.

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