Top Locations to Book Holiday Packages this February

Holidays in India have a lot of excitements which create memorable remembrances. In India, February is the month where gloomy winter seasons amazingly growing into a wonderful spring.

Also it is the month recognized for ‘love’ as Valentine’s Day is celebrated. Some of the locations are suited perfectly if you are planning for a trip. February being the month of love, season of ideal weather conditions and interesting festivals it becomes the perfect opportunity to enjoy an interesting vacation.

Here are top 5 travel offer for the month of February in India:

1. Jaisalmer:


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Known as the ‘Golden City of India’, Jaisalmer presents arrays of elegant edifices that speak noisier about the past era. Situated on the variety of yellow sandstone, the town is branded as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and looks amazing for lying on the heart of Thar Desert. Attractively rich havelis, elegant homes, brilliant markets and rotating paths provide the visitors a happening break. Rajasthan in total can be an exciting

2. Gulmarg:


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Famously known as the ‘meadow of flowers’, Gulmarg is in the Baramula region of Jammu and Kashmir. Asia’s lengthiest cable car ride project is found in this Himalayan region. If you are attached to seeing abundant snow and running on the hills covered with dense levels of snow then Feb is the perfect time. Get participated in snow skiing or snowboarding and collect an unparalleled experience.

3. Goa:


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The ever wonderful beach area of Goa calls travel lovers from all over the world all through the season for its brilliant culture, traditional remains, mansions and chapels. But, February provides something special and that is the Carnival of Goa. The roads are lit with brilliant lights, brilliant processions are organized and the playing of instruments, brilliant dances and energetic celebration re-energize your inner spirit considerably.

4. Coorg:


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A must check out for the nature lover in you, Coorg is the pride of Karnataka. A peaceful mountain station with heavy covering of deciduous woodlands provides you a walk through the attractive exotic garden. The smaller hamlets look amazing for the farms of cardamom and coffee. The cool wind and average temperature create Coorg an exotic vacation in India.

5. Andaman:


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The dazzling pink water covered with white exotic beaches is all what makes Andaman a heaven of romantic endeavors. The action of discovering the whole world continues under the surface sea level is most attractive activity to get participated in. Both scuba diving and scuba diving can be experienced in the month of February what will let you swimming through the reefs barrier reefs and brilliant fish living under the sea.

There are couples of other locations in India that can be your favorite spot to check out in February with money saving offers on holiday packages India. But, for seeing unparalleled view of amazing panoramas you should pick your choose from the listed destinations. However, visitors with short time period can also check out the locations like Delhi, Agra, Udaipur and Darjeeling & Kalimpong for taking pleasure in different tastes of India.

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