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Athletes with Tattoos in London Olympic 2012

Most of Athletes like to build up their body with tattoos and they are very much serious about that. @celebuzz

Memorable Moments in London 2012 Olympic

London Olympic 2012 has finished its round but the memories will remain for long long time.

Obama Statement About Election “We’ve Come Too Far to Turn Back Now”

Let us call it right now, The final, intense, expand of selection 2012 begins today. We've Come Too Far to Turn Back Now

The Best Warrior of the World

The puppy is going to new mission... @EmergencyPuppy

Have The Cute Kitty Need New Uniform?

The cute kitty has given the measurement of new dresses! @EmergencyPuppy

Awesome Look of Drying Puppy’s Dresses

The three friends are hanged to dry their dresses! ‏@EmergencyPuppy

AK47 Style Weapons Discover a House in U.S. Market

American hunters and gun enthusiasts are snapping up tens of thousands of the civilian versions of AK-style weapons.

Hero to Hated: Unclean Fact Cause International Manhunt for Assange

If there's one thing Assange's story doesn't lack - it's plot twists. For every secret that the whistleblower shed light on - he found himself attracting a growing crowd of enemies, all...

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