seo tips for small businesses

7 SEO Tips For Small Businesses

Search Engine Optimization (AKA SEO) has turned into a big business and a core component of digital marketing. It’s a difficult field for small businesses to break into; larger competitors have the advantages of brand recognition, lengthy history, and lavish budgets for online marketing. Though it’s challenging to establish your own online presence in an environment like this, it’s really not an option you can turn down these days.

Fortunately, you actually have allies in the form of the major search engines. Google and Bing don’t rank search results based on corporate revenues; all they care about is relevance. That means that the little guy still has a chance to play on a level playing field. Best of all, organic efforts to improve your search engine performance don’t have to cost you anything. We consulted with the SEO experts at DoubleSpark, and they suggested using these tips to make it easier for visitors (AKA potential customers) to find your website.

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