Man Catches Foul Ball Between Legs

A baseball bounces in the stands and this man was in the right place at the right time!

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Flooding in Southern Japan

Severe flooding in southern Japan kills at least 24 people and sees an estimated 230,000 evacuated from their homes

Deadly tornado hits Poland

Digg Sold to Betaworks for $500K

Social site Digg is sold for $500K, offer from Google for $200million just four years ago. Four years later, in July 2012, The company was sold off three ways part to...

Changes in Britain since 1908 Olympics

Why is Clam Eating Salt?

What’s Virgin Mean?

The cute girl is confused her mother, ….. what’s virgin mean?

Top 10 Most Wanted Gadgets of 2012

We have compiled a great list of the top and most wanted gadgets of 2012. Do you want to purchase it? or Have you already purchased it? 1. The New iPad New iPad Features...

Now Coca-Cola in Plastic Bags

The Coca-Cola show in new commercial, drink will be available in plastic bags. Can you like this change?