Winter Wedding Ideas

Even when the weather outside is frightful, a winter wedding can be delightful. Sure, summer weddings get all of the good press–it’s warm out, flowers are blooming, bees are buzzing, you can get married outdoors in a sundress–but winter weddings have their own charms. If you’re a fan of icy blues and silvers for wedding colors, and your wedding gown just won’t feel complete without a faux-fur stole over it, you might be the right temperament to have a winter wedding. Here are some ways to make your white wedding as perfect as can be.

Winter Wedding Ideas

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S’mores Bars

Any winter wedding venue worth its salt should have a roaring fireplace at one end for roasting marshmallows. If yours doesn’t, you’ll have to use a heating element like a can of gel-type fuel to pull this off, but it’s worth the effort. Have a s’mores bar for your guests, either in lieu of the cake or as a late-night pick-me-up. You can provide handmade marshmallows (either make them yourself or buy them at a local grocery co-op), dark and milk chocolate, graham crackers and apple slices for making sandwiches. We do recommend providing some wet naps for sticky fingers after your guests are done wolfing down their treats.

Pine Cone Fire Starter Favors

These cute little DIY crafts make great wedding favors. They make a fun rustic decoration for your guests, but they’re also useful. You can put one in the center of a pyramid of kindling, light the wick and they’ll start a fire quickly while filling the room with the scent of pine. You can make them in different colors with colored wax (read: crayons) in the mix, and you can even add essential oils to make them scented.

Sparkling Everything

The best part of a winter wonderland is the way the sun gleams on ice and snow. Capture that feeling with sparkle everywhere! Have the guests throw silver glitter as you walk out of the ceremony or you can find sparklers for weddings that won’t make smoke so you can use them indoors if it’s too cold outdoors for glitter. Use sequined tablecloths that reflect candlelight off a thousand facets. If it doesn’t move, it can be bedazzled one way or the other. Make your guests feel like they’re outside on a snowy evening–only without having to be cold.

Blankets for the Wedding Party

Unless you live in Florida (or south of the Equator, I suppose), your winter wedding’s going to be chilly. Show your wedding party you care by giving them each a toss blanket as a pre-ceremony gift. Just go to your nearest big-box store and buy the softest, warmest, fuzziest blankets you can find in your wedding colors. You’re sure to find many a bridesmaid wrapped in her blanket at the reception, and your groomsmen will appreciate not having to give up their coats to their dates.

Heat Lamps for Outdoor Warmth

Summer weddings are usually outdoor affairs, but winter weddings typically are stuck indoors. If you feel like battling the elements, you can still have an outdoor reception. Just keep the hot cocoa flowing, build a fire, and add some propane or electric heat lamps for warmth. There’s nothing quite like a cold, clear winter night–with a little pre-planning, you can be outdoors to look at the stars without freezing your garter off.

A winter wedding isn’t for everyone, but if it sounds appealing to you, there are dozens of ways to make it something really special. As an added bonus, when you celebrate your anniversary, you can take a tropical island trip and be right in the middle of their most beautiful time of the year.

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