Why Does YouTube Keep Pausing on Android and How to Fix it?

Why does YouTube keep pausing? You must have asked this question if you are an avid YouTube video geek. Youtube is a video streaming platform. People all over the world use Youtube for either entertainment purposes or academic purposes.

Many people have made it their income source. Given its wide range and audience, one might think Youtube works best for all! You are not wrong, but you are not right either.

Why does YouTube keep pausing

Summary of Why does YouTube keep pausing with its solutions.

Youtube Default Setting Use the extension available on your browser
Outdated Version of YoutubeAlways use the updated version
Caches and CookiesClear your caches by going into the app setting of Youtube
Internet Connection IssuesUse a stable connection with high speed to stream videos
Browser TroublesUse a compatible browser according to your device
Headphones and JacksUse headphones that come with your mobile device or invest in good quality headphones
Other SoftwaresClose the apps running in the background
Take a Break FeatureTurn off the take a break feature
Loading IssuesWait for the video to fully load in order to avoid buffering

Many android users have trouble streaming or playing videos without interruptions. These people complain about why does Youtube keep pausing on android mobiles. People want to watch videos without any pausing and their frustration for not getting them is understandable.

We hear you! That is why we are here to give you some tips and tricks to work around it.

Why does Youtube Keep Pausing?

If you have been using Youtube for a while, you may have come across the problem that your video keeps on pausing. It is nothing to worry about if it is the occurrence of one time or two.

But if you are facing this issue frequently, then there can be many causes for it. Let’s dig into the reasons and their solution.

Youtube Default Setting

Youtube works for you and therefore, there are some features that help you with having your entertainment experience to the utmost level. However, these features can hinder your enjoyment.

There is an auto-pause option in Youtube’s default setting. If you are not active on your device, it will stop playing the video because Youtube wants you to pay attention to the content. In this case, you will not miss a second of the video. But there are many instances where you are not using your device but are active on Youtube.

Let’s take an example of you watching a drama while eating. You have your device up against a book or a stand and are eating your food while watching your favorite drama. Youtube might consider you inactive and pause the video. It raises the probability of the question Why does Youtube Keep Pausing on android. Interruption! Not good at all!


You can open chrome or firefox, whichever browser you are using. There are some extensions available (for example Autotube) that can help you enable the option of auto-pause on Youtube.

Loading Issues

Loading issues can also cause your video to pause on Youtube. Buffering can be frustrating but it requires patience. You have to wait for the video to fully load in order to avoid buffering. There is no hack for this issue but a little bit of patience.

Outdated Version of Youtube

Many people disable the auto-update option on Playstore. Some people have it disabled because they want to keep using the old version of an app. It can come with your habit and comfort of using the same version and you do not want to experiment.

Some people have it disabled because they are using mobile data and do not want to waste their MBs on updating an app. All reasons are valid but they can cause apps to crash.


It is always better to use the updated version of an app if you want your experience to be stress-free.
Go to the app store and download the latest version of Youtube. If you are still facing the pausing issue, then it is better to uninstall Youtube and reinstall it. That can also help with why does YouTube keep pausing issues.

Why does Youtube Keep Pausing?

Caches and Cookies

Caches and cookies are actually the records of your movement on the app or browser. Many times, your data is stored in caches. It is safe to say, it is completely unnecessary and a waste of space on your device.

Having too much data stored in caches can slow your app down or even your device sometimes. It is better to have them cleared all the time. We do not like to have our movements recorded either.


You can clear your caches from your device. All you have to do is to go to the settings and then the apps section.

Click on your desired app and in our case, click on Youtube. You will see the details of the app on your screen. There will also be an option of “clear cache”.

Click on it to get rid of unnecessary data. Make sure you do not click on “clear data” as it might delete all the videos saved on Youtube.

Internet Connection Issues

The devil of it all! Your internet connection! There is a chance that you are having an issue with using Youtube and watching videos without pausing because you do not have a stable internet connection. Poor internet connection is a common cause of Why does Youtube Keep Pausing. For you to watch videos without pausing, your internet should have at least a speed of 500 kbps.


It is better to have a stable connection with high speed to stream videos with a pause. If you do not have high internet speed, you can always try to lower the quality of your video.

Sometimes, watching a video in 240p or 360p quality is a good idea. If you are not comfortable watching a video of the lower quality, it is always an option that you buy a new internet connection that is high in speed.

Browser Troubles

You use your browser for many reasons. Sometimes it is for random searches, sometimes for news, and sometimes for entertainment purposes. Whatever you do on your browser, it keeps the track of your record. It keeps on saving the record of your movements on the internet and has it saved in caches and cookies.

Because of this, you might feel Youtube buffer a lot and it causes a lot of pausing on your videos.


If you are using Youtube on a browser and it keeps on pausing, it is always better to try using it on another browser. Because sometimes, it is the unnecessary data saved on your browser that affects the working of apps. Keep on checking your browser’s cookies to clear the caches saved and it might help solve the pausing video issue.

Also, keep on checking the updates. Sometimes, your browser is just outdated. An outdated version of your browser can slow down the working of your apps. Also, check which browser is compatible with your device.

Using a browser that is not compatible with your device can cause your mobile to crash down.

Headphones and Jacks

Headphones help you cancel out the unnecessary noise from the outside. This way, you can enjoy and listen to the audio in better quality. It is all cool until it becomes the reason for interruption.

Youtube has a feature that whenever you remove your headphones, it causes the video on Youtube to pause. It is for the convenience of the users. But sometimes, your headphone jack does not fit properly in your phone. This can cause the pausing of your videos.

Youtube will pause the video to indicate that your headphone is not properly wired in. Also, your charger’s jack can also cause the same issue.


Use headphones that come with your mobile device since they are the best compatible with your device. If you do not have the originals, then better invest in good-quality headphones and chargers. It is better to use Bluetooth headphones since they can also free you from the struggles of getting stuck with the strings!

Other Softwares:

Sometimes, other software on your mobile can cause the video pausing trouble on Youtube. Many times, it is the backup tool that interferes with the working of Youtube or other apps. It could be because those tools find Youtube as a security threat if you are watching videos at that time.


Always download data or backup when you are not using any other app. If it is slowing Youtube down or interrupting the buffering of videos, it is better to close the apps running in the background one by one. It might help with the smooth running of Youtube and you are good to go.

Take a Break Feature

With the recent update, Youtube introduces the take a break feature also name “remind me to take a break”. It works to help you track your time on the app. For example, many people set the timer on Youtube and it will pause the video to tell you that you have spent that time period.

For example, if you do not want to spend more than ten minutes on Youtube, you set the time interval for that and it will stop playing the video after the timer is up.


This can be the reason why does YouTube keeps pausing. You might have this option on without knowing that it is on. You can go to the setting and then general to enable this option. This might solve the issue and you will not face the trouble of video pausing on Youtube.

If you are suffering from the dilemma of why does YouTube keep pausing then you better check the reasons mentioned above.

YouTube can give you a beautiful experience but you won’t be able to enjoy it fully if your videos keep pausing. We have briefly mentioned the possible causes and solutions. Make the best out of them and get out of the dilemma of why does YouTube keep pausing.

FAQs OF Why Does YouTube Keep Pausing on Android

How do I stop YouTube from pausing?

Clear your caches by going into the app setting of Youtube and Closing the apps running in the background otherwise use the stable connection with high speed to stream videos.

Why does YouTube keep pausing every few seconds?

In case YouTube videos pause after a few seconds in Google Chrome, try some other browser like Safari, Firefox, IE, etc. Solution. Also clear cookies, cache, history, and temp files, and check updates of Youtube.

How do I turn auto-pause off?

Tap the round bracket ( ) icon in the upper left. Then Go to Settings > Logging after that Tap the Auto-pause line to turn it off or change the toggle.

What is auto-pause?

Auto Pause is the option to pause the timer automatically when you stop moving or when your pace or speed drops below a specified value so that your total span and the average rate do not get increased by any breaks.

What are Smart Stay and Smart pause?

Smart stay or smart pause basically sense your action using the front camera of your phone. When you are staring at your phone it keeps playing the video, and it pauses the video when you see it away from the screen.

Why does my YouTube keep pausing itself?

The YouTube app saves previously viewed videos as cache data. When the program collects too much cache, it might slow it down or cause problems.

How do I stop YouTube from pausing?

1- Clear your caches.
2- Close the apps running in the background.
3- Use the extension available on your browser.
4- Always use the updated version.
5- Use YouTube Auto Pause Blocker.
6- Turn off the take a break feature.

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