Top 10 Cities to Visit in Croatia

Croatia has become one of the best destinations to visit in Europe. Beautiful historic cities and ruins, magical islands and stunning natural attractions are what makes this country so special. Clean air, the sun and the intoxicating scent of the sea, will keep the moments spent in Croatia forever in your memory. Here’s a short overview of the top 10 cities to visit in Croatia.

1. Zagreb


Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

The capital of Croatia is a vibrant metropolis full of restaurants, museums and night clubs. It is a city with special charm, where you can enjoy in pleasant walks, art exhibitions, beautiful architecture and plentiful parks. Most of the cultural institutions are located in the center of city. There’s a variety of cultural events and many night clubs that offer great entertainment and there’s also a large number of street performances.

2. Split

Split is the most popular coastal city in Croatia with medieval towns, national parks and Roman ruins. It is best known for its beautiful coastline and vibrant beaches such as: Bacvice, Bene Beach, Kasjuni Beach. You can visit the Diocletian’s palace and enjoy in beautiful sunsets while tasting the local beer. The city has a great night life and party spirit with many popular bars and loud music.

3. Rovinj

Rovinj is a beautiful city in Istria, Croatia and one of the most romantic spots. It is a fishing port where you can take boats to the most amazing islands such as: Crveni Otok, Katarina… Once you see the pastel colored houses and a Venetian Tower, you’d think you were in Italy. Take a walk through the Old Town streets and make sure why Rovinj is such a popular destination.

4. Dubrovnik

The pearl of the Adriatic coast is one Croatia’s most visited destinations. The city is famous for its walls which are under the protection of UNESCO. The city is also known for its baroque churches, streets and the Sponza palace from the 16th century. Once you set eyes on this beautiful city you will fall in love with it.

5. Pula

Pula is a Croatian city with beautiful beaches, excellent restaurants and a great atmosphere. One of the most spectacular events in Europe – The international film festival, is held in Pula. Fourteen islands of exceptional beauty and the Roman villas show off a beautiful blend of culture and nature.

6. Zadar

Located in the Dalmatian coast, Zadar is a city of great attractions and beautiful beaches. It is a great tourist getaway. Visit the old town and see a collection of winding streets and Roman ruins and enjoy in the most incredible Zadar sunsets.

7. Hvar

Hvar is a sunny island in Dalmatia and there’s so many reasons to visit it. It is a city of breathtaking and charming beauty, called the “Monaco” of Croatia. Visited by Steven Spielberg, Eva Longoria and Beyonce it is a well-known playground for the celebrities. You’ll be surprised with great restaurants and incredible sea food. Make sure to see why this is the most famous Dalmatian destination.

8. Sibenik

Sibenik is a city which perfectly combines its past and natural beauties. It is a city that has the most steps in Croatia. Visit St. Jakov’s cathedral, Medieval fair and you can even bungee jump from the Sibenik bridge. There’s a lot of night clubs where you can enjoy good music with popular Dj’s.

9. Korcula

Korcula is Croatia’s most populated island comprised of vineyards, sandy beaches, green forests and charming villages. Visit the Korcula Town, a historic city with Venetian architecture and plenty of tourist attractions. It is a small place but it packs a punch.

10. Rijeka

Rijeka is the third largest city in Croatia and is also one of the best destinations in Croatia. It is known as the city of rock with a great architecture. Discover this city and you’ll be surprised with how much there’s to see. Any time you visit this city.