Top 10 Greatest Xbox One Games for 2014

Xbox is the famous gaming application of Nokia which is very popular among nokia users around the globe. The software developers from time to time keep on launching new games for their consumers to give them an altogether new experience of gaming. The top 10 best Xbox One games for 2014 that are going to be launched on its one console are-

1. Below

It is an independent game that is basically a top down-like adventure game and losing it means permanent death. It is a promising game that is surely going to win the hearts of Xbox users.


2. The Witcher 3:

Wild Hunt- It is an open-world that will take Polish attention developers details to an all new level. It features a non-linear narrative and is so far, looks absolutely gorgeous.

The Witcher 3

3. Diablo 3:

Reaper of souls- This insane game is aimed to bring back the Reaper of the soul’s series and is absolutely mad for one console.

Diablo 3

4. Quantum Break

It is both a video game and a TV series that has lots and lots of shooting and time manipulation mechanics.

Quantum Break

5. Watchdogs

It is one of the most sought after games of 2014 that has spying, assassinating and even a wacky assassin to make it more realistic.


6. Sunset overdrive

This game is an online open world shooter and mainly targets for the next generation. It promises to feature an all new cell shading art style never been witnessed before.

Sunset overdrive

7. Titanfall

If you are looking for some serious adventure, surely this game would appear in your top list. You can travel in the fantasy world with this mind-boggling game.


8. Wolfenstein the new order

Meant for people who hate Nazis, one can kick their butts easily here.

Wolfenstein the new order

9. Destiny

It is a multiplayer online shooter that definitely is one worth watching out for.


10. The division

It is also a multiplayer online game that unravels the mysteries of common ailment.

The division