Tips on Maintaining a Clean Pond

A pond can add a nice touch to a garden and it is a great way to add a water feature that has a natural feel. When a pond is clean and clear, it can be the centrepiece and gemstone of a garden but when it is dirty, it can make the entire space look unkempt. There are lots of factors that can add to the dirtiness of a pond from falling leaves and algae through to overgrown plants and general dirt.

Tips on Maintaining a Clean Pond

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Let’s take a look through some tips on how to maintain your pond to keep it looking beautiful:

1. Regular Cleaning

You will need to use permanent cleaning equipment to keep a pond healthy, especially if it has fish in it. You will need to use filters and it is often a good idea to add a fountain or water feature that will keep the water moving, as this helps to keep it clear from a build-up of algae.

2. Constant Maintenance

There are a few jobs that will need to be done on a regular basis in order to keep your pond clear and clean including:

  • Removing fallen leaves
  • Treating algae
  • Cleaning out the filter

Fallen leaves can be a huge problem when it comes to keeping a pond healthy and they decay quickly, which means they can have a negative impact on the quality of your water within just a few days. Skimmers are good for removing the leaves on the surface, but you will also need to reach in to get to the leaves on the bottom or install a net to catch them. Algae can be treated with liquid algaecides or a UV steriliser and you will need to clean your filters out roughly once a week. You can purchase good quality filtration systems through companies like Water Garden and they need to be taken care of, as they work hard on a constant basis to keep your pond healthy.

3. Deep Cleaning

While your pond will require constant on-going attention, these regular jobs won’t take up too much of your time. However, once a year you will need to do a deep clean of your pond that includes the following:

  • Create a holding tank, so you can remove any fish, so as not to distress them during the cleaning process
  • Thoroughly clean the filters by taking them apart and cleaning all of the pieces
  • Empty around two-thirds of the water from the pond
  • Clean out the muck and sediment that forms at the bottom and on the side walls of a pond, which can be done by hand or with a specialist wet vacuum
  • Remove dead plants
  • Refill the pond with de-chlorinated water
  • Gradually add some of the new water to the holding tank, to allow your fish to get used to it before putting them back into the pond

Maintaining a pond properly is important, and it will leave you with a beautiful water feature that complements your entire garden space.

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