The Power of This Led Flashlight is Unseen

The brand new flashlight is one of the best led flashlights available on the market and the beauty about it is that it has a high performance features, it is brand new on the market and the words were spread about it quickly. Since the appearance on the internet and social media, people have gone mad for it and its uniqueness. The demand is big and there are many useful reviews on the tactical flashlight that are helpful with info.

Led Flashlight

The new technology integrated in the portable hand held electric light has only been used for the purposes of US Military and its actions. Due to the big demand on the internet things changed, the manufacturers of the flashlight allowed to be used for home purposes and since then people are ordering like crazy.

Regarding the technology of the flashlight, there’s only one factor that confuses people. The thing is there are much cheaper versions available on Amazon and eBay but the fact is that for those cheaper versions on the other websites besides, have an old LED concept used, with LED diodes on it. On the other hand, for this one, a new revolutionary LED technology is used. This one has a LED chips on it. You can order one from Amazon and another from and you can see the difference yourself.

The new LED concept integrated in the portable electric light is the main reason why this military grade tool is called the brightest led flashlight. This is due to the power of brightness that the flashlight has. It has an incredible 700 lumens of lighting capacity which actually makes it 7 times more powerful than the previous and other regular flashlights in the whole world.

The 700 lumens of brightness give the G700 a battery that is long lasting. Unlike the other regular flashlights which have a battery that can last up to poor 2 hours, which can be a problem if you are gone outside with it for a long time, it can be of no use after few hours. The thing about the G700 tactical flashlight is that it has a strong lamp glass that gives to it incredible hours of lamp life that no other flashlight possesses.

Let’s say you are a fisherman, a hiker, a camper or you are simply an adventurer. Those are all traits that belong to people that like to go out in the wild for long hours or even days. They need this kind of flashlight; they really need a powerful and a high-performance flashlight that will help them survive in the darkest of nights.

The G700 has an incredible ability of producing a lighting capacity of 3,000 feet. Thus you can clearly see what’s in front of you. You can even use it in cases when your car lights turn off while you’re on the road to somewhere, and it will safely guide you to your next destination. And I’m not saying this only because of its lighting capacity, but because of its battery capacity as well. This Lumitact flashlight has an amazing capacity of producing a light for 1200 hours. This is great in cases of power losses and they may be very frequent in some parts of America. And there are cases where they can last for more than 3 hours. This is usually a kind of situation when you are of a desperate need of light and we all know that candles aren’t capable of doing the job for you. That’s why you need to have the G700 for indoor use.

This is in fact another thing in particular about the flashlight and makes it different than the others. As I mentioned above it has a strong lamp glass which gives its lamp a long lasting life. This feature makes it the most durable flashlight in the world. If you are interested you can learn more by going at

What makes the G700 Lumitact flashlight also special is the focus mode. Unlike the ordinary flashlights on the market, this one has 5 types of focus modes. With the help of these focusing modes you can easily switch from round to square shape of the power and the other way round. This is another feature that makes it special.

The first focus mode is for making an SOS signals. This feature is really useful in emergency situations. With this mode you can produce blinking as well.  When you find yourself in trouble, just blink for several times. There is other mode for producing a strobe and another one for continuous light. The other focus modes those are for medium and high power. The most powerful of all of them is the strobe focus which has a capacity of instantly disabling something and you can use it as a tool for a self-protection.

Regarding the body design, the G700 has an aluminum air-crafted and waterproof body. These two features have a long – term benefits, due to the facts that are life savers. Feel free to use the flashlight underwater, it won’t stop working. This is excellent for those who are scuba divers or for those who simply want to explore the world hidden under the deepest ocean.

And there’s no need to panic if it crashes because the aluminum material makes it resistant to crashes, it is indestructible although it is hard to believe it. You can even run over it with your car and it will still work. The material it is used only for the services of the military and NASA. According to my research this is the most precious thing that makes it the most different than the other ordinary electric led lights.

I hope you liked the articleand if you want to know more about the brightest led flashlight, visit and read more about the specifications and the features. And if you like it you can order it now for a special discount price.

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