The Importance of Employee Monitoring

Employee monitoring software is an investment that even a small business should make. If you are an employer, then you can use the software to keep track of the activities and productivity of your employees. Keeping tabs on your subordinates via computer monitoring is not prohibited by law, and is not considered a breach of your employees’ privacy. This is doubly true if you are monitoring the computers or gadgets that the company provided for use.


It is quite easy for an employee to slack off during office hours, especially if you are not there to physically check his monitor screen. Some employees may look serious while working, but in reality, they are just busy playing an online game or doing some online shopping behind your back. Some would even take advantage of your company’s bandwidth and download numerous movies and TV series via torrent sites, and just hide the program from his desktop so that you will not find out about it.

Buying employee monitoring software (also known as keylogger software) takes care of this problem, and provides other benefits to you and your company. For one, you can catch any wayward employee who skips on his duties. This is because some computer monitoring software offer a detailed report of your employees’ activity at the end of every working day. This will make it easier for your to analyze their performance and how committed they are to their projects. You will also know which sites they visit, and which accounts they access. You will also be privy to their usernames and passwords, in case you need them for anything.

Employee and computer monitoring software, on the flipside, will also show you which employees are working hard and are dedicated to their job. You will find out who give extra effort by researching on relevant topics on the Internet. You will know who stays in the office later than anyone else just so he could finish his task ahead of time. This will make it easier for you to commend those who deserve commendation for a job well done. You can even use a computer-monitoring program to determine which employee deserves a salary raise or a promotion in the near future.

Still, although keylogger software is technically legal, it is still good practice to inform your employees of any upgrade to your system, that is, that you installed keystroke logging software to the company’s equipment.

Studies show that most employees are okay with the idea of being monitored, and that some of them even expect it. Being aware that their employer is keeping tabs on them is actually a good motivation to them to give their all and produce better results. When informed that their keystrokes and Internet browsing habits are being checked, at least fifty percent of employees would willingly give up on idle visits to social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, and concentrate on their daily tasks instead. This helps instill discipline in your subordinate, and improve the overall performance of your company.