The Hottest Hollywood Hairstyle Trends for Fall/Winter 2015


Celebrity inspired Hairstyles Trends this season

Some of the hottest hairstyle trends for Fall/Winter 2015, which seem to respond to the tastes of time, include the pixie, the bob, and the lob. The increased preference for these hairstyles signals a determined shift from tradition and convention as women decide to experiment with liberal options of fashion.

Hollywood’s top Celebrities

Reaching Out to The 90’s

Hollywood’s top Celebrities, ranging from Alexa Chung, Julianne Hough, Kaley Cuoco, and Rihanna have showed up lately with amazing short hairstyles that make them splendidly simple and superbly groomed. One unifying characteristic on the different approaches to short hair is that the supermodels have the best aspects of their beauty showing off so effortlessly that celebrity watchers fumble with the means of description. In many ways, Rihanna has demonstrated her capacity to switch into different versions of short hairstyles including the variation of colors in a way that makes her a pacesetter in certain perspectives of hairstyle. Sometimes she appears in pink while other moments show her resplendent in black hair. Katy Perry, who’s famous for her incredible figure and colorful style, loves the dip dye and she keeps changing her hair color to pink to green to blue. Sienna Miller is another celebrity who prefers her short hair with amazing results. Sienna has illuminated the red carpet with her sunny blond short hair that allows for stylish face framing.

The Bob Hairstyle

The Bob Hairstyle

The bob is one of the best hairstyle options for this season. Stars like Rita Ora, Emma Stone, Taylor Swift, among many, others have adapted the Bob choppy and sexy look. Emma Stone’s Bob with bangs fresh style matches and highlights her gentle features. The bob is conspicuous in its shortness that does not drop below the jaw-length. Although this hairstyle made its most prominent mark during the 1920s, it appears to have reemerged so strongly that many women consider it as the grandest idea for this season. Apart from the advantage of exposing facial aesthetics, the bob comes with the advantage of flexibility in the sense that it can be styled in wavy, sleek, or bouncy. One advantage of the bob is that it allows for multiple color variations. A second advantage relates to the fact that it can achieve the best results for people across the age divide.

The Lob


Stylists consider the lob as another great idea for this season. The lob is only slightly longer than the bob in the sense that it reaches the shoulder-sweeping length. The advantage of the shoulder-sweeping length is that it allows for conversion into a pony tail or a bun. Both options are marvelous for this season particularly when matched with appropriate dressing. Taylor Schilling, Julianne Moore, Kristen Bell are a few of the many celebrities who prefer the lob. A growing preference with the lob can be explained in terms of its capacity to produce a chic appeal on women of all ages. Now it’s the time to experiment with the lob.

The Pixie


The pixie is often considered as a wonderful choice for anybody as daring as Nicki Minaj and Michelle Williams. By all means, it can never be considered outlandish but requires some extra guts and a highly liberal spirit for it to make its mark. It defines character and status with great effect. The pixie is super-short and fabulous at the same time. It is easy to make and maintain and gives an easy time for those who look forward to a rigorous Fall/winter schedule for excursions, partying, and extreme outdoor activities.

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