The Common Uses of Ultrasonic Crusher

It is well known that the ultrasonic crusher is widely used for some fields such as the teaching, research, production or other fields. Moreover, it is often used in biochemistry, microbiology, chemistry, surface chemistry, physics, zoology, agriculture, medicine, pharmacy and so on. However, it may also include other functions except for these common uses.

Ultrasonic CrusherWith the development of technique, more and more machines begin to be controlled by microcomputers. In addition, the microcomputer may regulate the frequency. And it can be used for more reliable operation. Especially, this device will automatically give a warning signal if it malfunctions.

More importantly, it has important effects on keeping noise level low during operation. And it has wide applications and functions. Meanwhile, it can be used for preparing laboratory samples. In other words, the cell disruption may break open cell walls for study of cell contents. The most important is that it may give users control for more sensitive applications. Moreover, this equipment is also equipped with very wide range for power adjustment.

In addition, some applications and common uses may be familiar by more people. That is to say, the device is also equipped with ultrasonic cell grinder characteristics and uses. And the ultrasound is an elastic material medium mechanical wave. And it can be used to detect human physiological and pathological information and both diagnostic ultrasound. Meanwhile, it is a form of energy. The functional and structural changes in the organism can be caused through the interaction between them when a certain dose of ultrasound propagation in vivo. That can be called as the biological effects of ultrasound.

In fact, the main functions of ultrasound on cells may include thermal effects, cavitation and mechanical effects. What¡¯s more, the ultrasonic cell crusher is the use of ultrasonic waves in the liquid dispersing effect of the liquid to produce cavitation effects. In a word, this equipment is equipped with various applications and common uses.

Antonio Richard is a senior tech analyst, where he writes about technology, mobile computing, development and design, with a focus on the intersection between new media and technology.