Supetar, Island of Brac: Local Secrets of a Dalmatian Paradise

Supetar is a small town located on the Northern side of the Island of Brac. As its administrative, cultural, economic and touristic centre, it is also the largest settlement on the island with 4000 residents. From long time ago, it is a favourite summer destination because of its beautiful and long sand beaches, surrounded by pine woods. The beaches in Supetar are rocky, pebbled and some has sand in the seabed.


Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

The city was named by Saint Peter, and it is first mentioned in 1423. During the summer months, place is crowded with tourists, especially during the weekend, when many of them come to swim on the clean beaches, and rest from daily buzz with sounds of crickets and the fragrance of pines or just relax and have fun in one of the clubs and bars next to the coast. The main cultural sight is a parish Church of the Annunciation of Mary, which dates back to 18th century. Its final appearance was finished with the construction of 35-metre bell-tower in 1887. It was built on the foundations of old Basilica of Saint Peter. Next to the church, there are Early Christian mosaics from the 6th century such as Leroj (clock bell-tower) and the Parish Museum. There is also the Church of Saint Nicholas with mausoleum of family Petrinovic, small Church of Saint Martin which is today rebuilt as an exhibition space, the sculpture of Rendiæ ‘the Allegory of the mind’, and numerous old stone houses, from which some of them can also be regarded as sights.

When you arrive in Supetar, first thing you’ll notice how compact and close everything is, so in a range of hundred metres you can finds shops, market, post office, gas station, bank, coffee bars and many other things. The town also has great connection with other parts of the island, so in your free-time you can explore other surrounding places. By the way, the Island of Brac has around 2.700 sunny hours per year, which makes it an ideal place to spend your vacation at. Will it be in some of the famous touristic destinations with recognizable palms and narrow streets or maybe in unique coves on increasingly popular sailboats, the choice is completely up to you.

There are many cultural events, beautiful natural surroundings with endless beaches and coves, wide range of quality accommodation, rich gastronomic offer of autochthone meals and premium wines which are made in the island’s vineyards and various opportunities for sport and recreational activities to offer. One-day trips are also organized from Supetar to the nearby islands where you can also enjoy in all the natural beauties and historical sights. Supetar is an attractive place which many tourists like to visit, since it is a representative of high-standards set by the Island of Brac itself.