Simple Lifestyle Changes That Can Save Money

You can save money without becoming ‘cheap’ or considered a tightwad. A few simple lifestyle changes can help you find extra money that can be put toward household bills, the family vacation, or those splurge items that you want, but never seem to have the extra cash to purchase. Making such simple changes can certainly do great things. Here are a few simple lifestyle changes that you should consider making so that you have more money in the bank account.

Simple Lifestyle Changes

Pay your Bills in Person

Those convenience fees may not seem like a lot, but paying $3-$6 each bill that you pay online each month really does add up to a hefty amount of money each year. Make one trip out to pay your bills rather than accumulate $40 worth of extra and unnecessary expenses.

Shop when you’re Busy

Make a list of the things that you need to pick up from the supermarket, but save that stop until a day that is already packed with things for you to accomplish. When you shop when you’re busy, you will spend far less time in the store, thus spend less money. You are less likely to browse the aisles for those items that you don’t need when there is an appointment in 30 minutes!

Stop Visiting the Coffee shop

Spending $4 – $8 on a cup of java each day might not sound like a lot of money, but over the course of a year, this can add up to nearly $400! So many people who can’t live without their daily ‘bucks cup of java, but when things are put into perceptive, is it really worth all the money being spent? Purchase a reusable coffee mug, make your own brew at home, and keep that money in your wallet!

Start using Coupons

Coupons have been around for a very long time, and if you are not yet using them, what are you waiting for? Coupons save a tremendous amount of money when used on every shopping trip, and it doesn’t require you to follow those ’extreme couponers’ theories that you see on TV.

Coupons can even be used when you’re shopping online, so do not make any type of purchase without a coupon in-hand.

Stop Carrying Cash

Keeping $20 or less in cash in your possession will also help you avoid careless purchases. You won’t spend $3 – $5 at the ATM to take the money out of your bank account generally speaking, and believe it or not, there are many stores that take cash only.

Start Creating a Budget

Most people are capable of creating their own budget each month, but for those who want additional help, many resources can provide help. By creating a budget, you know how much money you have coming in and how much is going out each month. It is a wonderful idea to create, and use, a budget.

Stop Eating out

Even fast food isn’t cheap these days, with the average ‘value meal’ setting you back about $7. Eating at a casual sit-down restaurant results in the average tab for four costing around $46.24. Just once a week and you’re spending an incredible amount of money that could probably be put toward better things. Meals at home taste better, and they’re much cheaper to prepare. It is okay to eat out, but save it for a special occasion.

Can you make these small lifestyle changes so that you can save more of your money? Making just one small lifestyle change can result in big savings. Imagine what you could do by putting several changes to work!

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