Samsung Galaxy Note 4 to Face Fierce Competition

Samsung is all set to debut its latest phablet today at Samsung’s “Unpacked” event at the IFA Trade Show in Berlin, namely the Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

Widely considered to be the pioneer of phablet devices (phones having screen size between 5” and 6.99”), Samsung has launched 3 flagship and 2 midrange phablets in the last 3 years.

When the first Note was launched, it faced no competition because the competitors hadn’t considered putting a screen that big on a phone. Samsung’s experiment turned out to be a very successful one, and more phablets started appearing in the market; the Sony Xperia Z Ultra and HTC’s One Max being the more significant ones.

However, the phablet market has still been dominated largely by Samsung, as other companies failed to make a mark.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Things are going to be different for the Note 4. While there have been promising rumors about the phablet’s specifications, which include either the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 or Samsung’s own Exynos 5433 processor, a 5.7” 2K screen and a 16-MP shooter, it’s being released at a time when competition is starting to heat up.

Rumors say that Apple is planning its foray into the phablet market, with a 5.5’ version of its iPhone 6 set to launch in December or early next year. If these rumors pan out, age-old competitors, Apple and Samsung will come head to head in the phablet market too.

At a time when low-cost phablets from Chinese makers are capturing the market as more people begin to accept huge screens on their phones, Samsung’s Note 4 needs to pack some serious punch to match the success of its predecessors.