Rumor: First Android-Powered Nokia Smartphone Will Release This Month

The rising craze of the Smartphone has alarmed the experts as the graph of popularity and sales of the Android devices are getting higher and higher as compared to that of the other rivals in the market. Once being a pioneer if the mobile handset technology, the Nokia has seen a downturn in the sales of its SO. Nokia has no other choice apart from switching to the Android platform or giving up the whole business with modern handset technology with the Microsoft as per the deal ($4.7 billion) offered by the Microsoft Co Last September.

Android-Powered Nokia Smartphone

There is no doubt that the market is going to observe the new series of the handset in the market tagged as the Nokia but running the Android mobile operating system. But, the main issue is the popularity that these handsets will gain in the upcoming time. Also, the target countries of the Nokia are getting a loose grip on it. Hence, it will be a touch competition for the company once known as the pioneer of mobile handsets.