Rubber Speed Humps – Safety & Flexibility On The Roads

Speeding is one of the main reasons for accidents worldwide. This is the reason why speed humps are installed or placed on most of the highways and roads where speeding is most likely to occur. Rubber speed humps solve this problem by setting barriers to speed.


Features of Rubber Speed Humps

  • The Speed Humps are placed over roads and highways to prevent excessive speeding and to control the incidence of accidents .These are elevated devices that are inherently parabolic in shape placed across the road to slow down the incoming traffic. The sloped space of around seven to fourteen feet of length makes the cars and other vehicles slow down before approaching such a structure.
  • There is a marked difference between a speed bump and a rubber speed hump. The rubber speed humps tend to gradually slow down the traffic unlike the other speed humps which slow down the speed abruptly. That’s why these are great for roads pertaining to residential purposes and these have the ability to bring down speeds to around 10-20mph.
  • Rubber Speed humps are installed in a series to create maximum impact. These are best placed in mid-section of the roads that possess low speed limits. The standard rubber speed humps are available at an elevation of three to four inches. These are popular in lengths of seven and fourteen feet but nothing is fixed. Customization can be done accordingly. You can increase the width in increments of eighteen inches.
  • Curved Shapes of these rubber speed humps allow the cars and other vehicular traffic to slow down gradually.
  • They come with patented interlocking devices so that these all are connected similar to the connection of a puzzle piece and hence kept firmly in place.
  • These are customizable. Modular units are present which allows you to customize length, width etc. You can also choose between striping and arrows. There are endless options for the allotment of rubber speed humps.
  • These are cost effective also. Rubber speed humps are long lasting and once installed maintenance is also not required, hence the cost of replacements and other overhead expenses are almost nil or negligible in most cases. In case you need to reinstall them, it is very easy to remove the rubber speed humps and do the installation. This is not a time consuming affair too.

Visibility is an added advantage. In case of these humps the patterns are easily visible and as far as the color is concerned these come in yellow or white highway tapes that are firmly affixed on roads. These are very clear to the naked eye from afar and hence do their work most effectively. This is valid even at night or during poor weather conditions with low visibility.

  • Consistency at all levels is assured with the rubber speed humps. The units are prefabricated and this is ideal for driver use. Unlike their concrete or asphalt counterparts, rubber units maintain their shape over a long period of time. These do not contract with pressure or heat.
  • Warranty is also available for these speed humps. Some companies give a two year warranty while others offer one year warranty.
  • You can install the rubber speed humps for both the residential purposes and for commercial use near your factories or work places. These are great for driveways, near schools and hospital zones which are a low speed limit area. Information about these speed humps can be availed from the yellow pages, directories or by browsing online. The details pertaining to quotes on contract basis and the warranty etc. are all readily available.

So with the help of installing Rubber Speed Humps, you’ll surely reduce vehicle speeds around buildings, carparks and other shared areas.

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