Pleasures of Life

Untitled-1 Life is a blessing of God. It is full with agonies and jollies. It has numerous chain of events occurring in everyone’s life. To some it is mysterious and to some it is blessing. Pleasures of life are of many kind. Each and every moment of our life is a sort of a pleasure. In nutshell, from cradle to grave people enjoy different phases of life. The most beautiful phase of life is early childhood. In childhood we enjoy the intellectual and physical liberation at the highest ebb. We do not care for people and society. We live freely and happily. Neither we know the grave impacts of our actions nor we are confined to intellectual slavery. We enjoy what we do and do not care what people thinking about us.This kind of pleasure have been largely discussed through out the world. Even though, a number of Presidents, Prime Ministers and other white color officials rhetorically said that they intended to reborn for enjoying  the innocence of childhood. The cycle of pleasures does not end here. With the every passing day, a new event occurs in our lives. When we are reached at juvenile age; we enjoy the pleasures of pain, love, sex, emotions, Sports, friendship, relationship, and acumen ship. Each pleasure has a different taste and nature.
1During the course of Juvenile age we are generally motivated by love and emotions. And, most of the lovers, used to say that their first love was in younger age. In young age, sexual feelings are too high and it is the reason that every beautiful woman is liked by most of the youngsters.  This phase of life teaches us agonies and pains. In this phase, the pleasure of pain is tasted and digested. It is the phase of life in which relations are gauged and real nature of humans is revealed. In youngerness, people give more importance to their feelings and emotions. Though, they do care for social and cultural ethics yet they do what their heart dictates. Someone has rightly said that if you control your feelings in younger age, you will surely flourishing in the middle age. In this age, people consider themselves as a men of steel nerves. But, this case does not apply to everyone. It varies person to person and society to society. Khalil Gibran writes that there were people who had young shoulders and old brains. On the contrary, Lord Beacon states that in young age teens are incited by the feelings of love. Besides, there are many examples of noble Childs who attained spiritual supremacy and social glory during the same phase of life. Once, this phase of life is over a new era begins to occur in our lives. This era is known as middle age. In this time period, sense of realization and responsibilities is practiced and preached. People in the middle age, think more about their prevailing responsibilities and socio cum economic challenges. Not only this, new era of intellectuality also changes with the growth of our age. The style of thinking does not remain the same that remained in juvenile age. Generally, in this phase most of the people are married and enjoy the pleasures of legitimate cohabitation. With the few years’ passage, the same couple turned out to be parents and play their pivotal role in grooming their children.
1Life does not end here, rather it has just begun. Once children are grown a new volcano of pleasures erupt within the hearts of the parents. They intend to dream and wish for the life of their children. It is nature cycle that roams the entire mankind. It is not in our control to stop this natural cycle. Hence, it is of paramount importance that one should not miss the beautiful phases of life and try to preserve them in photography or in any other mean for his  coming posterity.