Planning a Christening Party – Things to Keep in Mind

The christening of a child in the family is a memorable moment for practising Christians. While most people remember it as the day when a child is formally named, the christening party is also the event when the child is baptised. Infant baptism has been practised by Christians for aeons, and is one of the most resolute pillars of their faith. It is a day where all members of the family often gather to celebrate. Obviously, if you are planning for a christening party, there are many things that you must take care of. Here are a few things to keep in mind when preparing for a christening party:

The Invitations

You want the invitations to look as good and as beautiful as possible. Christening is a huge event, so you want to make it as memorable as possible. When inviting friends and family over for the party, think about sending them an invitation card rather than inviting them over the phone. Party invitations make the guests feel more special and valued. They are a part of British tradition and have been around for millennia.


However, designing a party invitation is easier said than done. Unless you are a creative designer yourself, you’ll find yourself stumped several times. It is wise to hire the services of a professional party planner that specialises in designing party invitations. For instance, Pure Invitation is one of the UK’s finest party planning companies.

The company offers a wide range of wedding planning equipment, ranging from wedding invitation cards, a plethora of different types of wedding favours, as well as numerous DIY products as well. However, Pure Invitation also offer christening invitation options. If you are planning a christening party, selecting an invitation card from their exhaustive collection is an excellent idea.

Planning the Party

Now that you have decided on the invitations, the next step is to plan the party. You will have to decide the theme of the party, as well as purchase some party decorations. It is important to look for unique arrangements. If you can afford the services of a party organiser, you should hire one.

Event organisers have a lot of experience in setting up different types of parties. Your organiser will be able to give you suggestions and help you find important party items at the lowest possible rates. Moreover, when planning the party, you will also need a host of different items.

You will need crafting items, such as buntings, guest books, party balloons and many others. If you are inviting kids over, you could also create smaller events, such as raffles. All of this requires a lot of work so you will have to make a sizeable investment of money, time and energy. However, christening is a very special event. It is one of the biggest moments for a Christian family, so it doesn’t hurt to spend a little on such a momentous occasion!

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