5 Easiest Ways To Make Your Picture Best With Poster Frame

Art always comes as the first priority for home improvement and decoration. When you refurnish your home or at the time of designing your home, you can make some poster frames for your wall art, and cover your different walls significantly. Now people hang the colorful poster frames on their ceiling, because blank rooftop really looks dull, and you can also hang some lights from the top. Now you can also decorate your ceiling with the poster frame and use it as canvas also.  You can take it up a notch still by designing your very own poster frames. Yes, that’s right. Instead of getting your art framed from the outside, you could design your very own wooden poster frame at home.


Here is a step by step guide to making your own poster frames.

Get wooden boards

The first step to making your own frame is to get wooden boards. You could shop at Ikea, Home Depot or the liked to get good quality, thick wooden boards. If you want to save time, you could even get them sawed to the size of the poster at the shop itself. For making a poster frame of different shapes, you can cut the soft boards or the hard pitch board according to your defined style.

Saw them to size

Depending on the shape of your poster, you would either need four boards of equal size, or two pairs of wooden boards. While sawing the boards to size, make sure you cut them an inch longer than the size of the poster. Thus, if the length of your poster is 25 inches and width 16 inches, you need to have boards of length 26 and 17 respectively. In fact, the longer board should be reduced by the width of the bottom boards. Thus, if the boards are 0.75” thick, you need to deduct 1.5” from the length of the boards.

Stage to screw them

  1. When you have added the boards as designs, you can then put the nails on place, and hold the frame on four sides.
  2. To screw the boards together in a rectangular or square shape (whatever the shape of the poser is), first drill test holes in them. Test holes make sure the wood does not split when you drill screws in it. Once you have test holes in place, drill screws in the center of the edges, such that you have a solid frame.

Time to polish it

Once you have sturdy frame ready, it is time to spruce up its appeal. Polishing the wood is entirely optional, although it does help in elongating the life of the poster frame. Put a coat of your favorite color polish on the wood, and let it dry overnight. If your poster frame is coated with acrylic material, or with polyurethane, then you can be assured about its termite-resistant properties, and the photo frame will get sustained for long.

Put the finishing touches

Your frame is now ready to adorn the poster. Simply place the poster on the frame face down, and see if it fits. If you followed the cutting step carefully, it should. If your poster is made from thick paper, you could simply staple it to the frame at several places. If the poster frame is made of thin paper or soft cardboard, then you must not display that in an area, where rain or moisture might affect it.

Buy hanging hardware from your neighborhood store, put a nail on the wall, and hang your proud creation on the wall. If you have time on your hands, making your poster frame isn’t that hard, as it is less time-consuming and more cost-effective. Catch the perfect poster frame for your house, so that your personal picture looks more decorative.

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