Lenovo ThinkVision 28 is revealed in market

Lenovo is being known for its desktop and laptop. But now it has taken a step ahead and given a scope to the world for experiencing a whole new technology in life. Lenovo has launched a new product today during the press release. It has announced the birth of new ThinkVision 28 4K display that has all smart TV features plus contains amazing picture quality.

Lenovo ThinkVision 28 4K display

However, the best features which you must know about the thinkvision28 are:-

  • Contains Nvidia processor
  • Have WiFi for unlimited connectivity with fast downloading speed facility
  • Runs on kit kat android latest version
  • NFC and 2.1 MP camera
  • 2.5W speakers, card slot for file sharing and all those features which you can find out in a smart phone nowadays.

The Lenovo touch display PC is available for buyers at the cost of $1199 but people believe that price ay fall down after its success and popularity.