Is it Not Cruel With The Little Girls?

In this Global world the cruelty with the young girls is seen theire is need to make law to prevent the save the lives of those little girls who ages are of playing but there parents compel them to run a family which about they don’t know. These girls want to play with doll but they have to born the child to put their life in danger. At this day of Girls it is Message for the people who don’t careful for their little daughters and put them in hell.

couple from Afghanistan

couple from Hajjah, Yemen

Rajasthan, India

from Al Hudaydah, Yemen

couple from the city of Gondar, Ethiopia

couple from Afghanistan

seven month pregnant

Tradition: Ghulam, 11, says a prayer with male family members to cement her engagement to Faiz, 40

couple from Rajasthan, India


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