Keeping You Cool in Texas

When summer rolls around, Texas swelters. Its cities record some of the hottest temperatures in the United States. In Edinburg, average summer temperatures are about 85.6 degrees Fahrenheit. McAllen also sizzles during the summer, with its average temperature about 86 degrees. And in Laredo, average summer temps sometimes hit 87.8 degrees. Remember, these temperatures are average figures, too. When heat waves hit, and they often do, recorded temperatures around Texas can easily exceed 100 degrees.


With high summer temperatures around the state, air conditioning is essential in Texas. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, 98 percent of Texan homes have air conditioning equipment; some homes have more than one cooling system in place. Homeowners in the steamy southern part of the state are nearly twice as likely to use this equipment all summer long. While most of the cooling units in Texas are central air conditioning systems, window and wall air conditioning units also help local families beat the heat. As with other areas in America, heat pumps are also a growing way to stay cool when the mercury soars.

What air conditioning systems are the most popular in Texas? What options are available to Texas households? How do the ways Texans stay cool compare to those in other parts of the United States? This “Keeping Your Cool in Texas” infographic, originally published by McWilliams & Son Inc., will share the answers to these questions and many more fascinating facts about how Texans beat the summer heat.

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