Ideas for Designing a Hawaiian Fancy Dress

Hawaiian parties can be a lot of fun if you know how to dress up properly for them. Hawaii is the most recent state to join the United States, and is pretty rich in culture. The indigenous culture of Hawaii is one of the main reasons why Hawaiian dresses are so common in fancy dress parties. The culture derives heavily from Polynesian influences, primarily the Hawaiian and Polynesian mythology. When you think about Hawaiian dresses, the first image that comes in to your mind is of a person wearing a bunch of flowers and grass leaves kneaded together. However, Hawaiian dresses are a lot more than just a bunch of artificial flowers tied together. Here are a few ideas about designing your own Hawaiian dress:

Hawaiian fancy dress

Deciding the Type of Dress

The first step is to decide whether you want a full length dress, or whether you want a skirt and blouse separate. Dresses that bare the midriff are also very common. Before making a decision, do think about your body type. If you have a flat stomach, cropped tops that bare the midriff are viable. This is certainly not necessary, but has been popularized by the prevailing culture in the land.

Remember, whatever you choose, the Hawaiian fancy dress will have to be colourful. The Hawaiians love colour, and most indigenous dresses are brimming with bright colours. If you have decided on a hula skirt (popular Hawaiian grass skirt) and a top, make sure that the colours contrast with each other.

Setting a Budget

Once you decide the type of dress you want, the next step is to set up a budget. You will have to buy materials first. Visit a fancy dress store and see if you can get a belt of flowers (to design the hula skirt). In many cases, you can buy the hula skirt readymade as well. You can easily get flower printed material for your top. You will probably have to visit your tailor in order to get the dress. Or, if you are feeling crafty, get some scissors and start cutting the dress to size. Still, you will need experience in using a sewing machine to sew the top together.

Buying a Readymade Dress

If you don’t wish to design a dress on your own, you can also buy readymade Hawaiian dresses. However, readymade dresses can usually cost a pretty penny. Before you make your purchase, do check your options. Check out some online websites which sell readymade fancy dresses, and view the Hawaiian dresses available. Online stores usually sell clothes at a slightly discounted price, mainly because they don’t have to worry about the costs of operating a retail outlet.

You can also visit a fancy dress store in your vicinity. There are hundreds of fancy dress stores littered throughout the United Kingdom. Use Google Maps in order to locate a store that’s closest to you. Check out a couple of stores and buy something that looks good and also fits in your budget.

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