Home Heating Solutions That Are Easy on the Environment

Home Heating SolutionsUnless you live in the tropics, heating your home during the cold winter months can be expensive. It can also be rough on the environment. As the world progresses more and more into greener ways of living, we have more energy-efficient ways to heat our homes.

No longer do you have to suffer through expensive heating costs while pushing dangerous pollutants into the environment. You have options. Here are several of them.

Energy Star heating

Using Energy Star appliances in your home can help keep your heating costs to a minimum as well as protect the environment. They use less energy, which means less pollution is released into the air and the cost of heating your home decreases.

Close vents in unused rooms

Living in a five-bedroom home with two guest rooms and separate guest bathrooms is great, but those unused rooms are wasting energy. If nobody’s in those rooms, why are you heating and cooling them? You can save on your energy bill and cut energy consumption by closing the vents and ducts to those rooms.

This doesn’t mean you cannot cool and heat these rooms when they’re needed; it just means you aren’t needlessly heating these rooms when they’re not

Geothermal heating and cooling

Ground-source heat pumps are a great tool for energy efficiency when it comes to heating your home. The earth’s natural energy is utilized by these pumps to help keep your home warm during the winter without using excess energy.

Ductless heat pumps

Ductless heat pumps are designed to help you cool your home during the summer and heat it during the winter without the need for any ductwork in your home. These pumps help your house stay warm in winter with an indoor and outdoor unit. Each unit is environmentally friendly and cost-effective. You’ll save a substantial amount of money on heating costs this winter.

The use of a ductless system is exceptionally effective in keeping your home warm. Up to 20 percent of the heat in your home is released into the environment if your ducts have even one minor leak. Eliminating the need for ducts reduces wasted energy.

If the desire to become more energy-efficient or simply to save money on the cost of heating your home is something that interests you, alternative heat sources can help. They are efficient enough to do the same job as your expensive and wasteful heating system but reduce the high cost and wasted power.

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