Glorious Photographic History of Sindh

These pictures have been gathered from different internet web sites, blogs, British E-Library, Indian Archives, social media sites, flicker, and other photo archive galleries. It is an iota effort to collect glorious photographic history of Pakistan in general and Sindh in particular. We are tirelessly working to get more original pictures in printed form. For acquiring such photographic material ,we are in contact with various institutions and individuals. It is also in the pipeline that we intend to gather historic pictures of the entire world.

To be successful, the first thing to do is to fall in love with your work (Sister Mary Lauretta)

History of PakistanPhotograph of a girls’ school at Sindh – 1873

History of PakistanPhotograph of a Class in the Parsi Virbaiji School at Karachi in Sind – 1873

History of PakistanPupils in classroom in the Anglo-Vernacular School, Karachi – 1873

History of PakistanFemale prisoners winding cotton on spinning wheels in Karachi Prison- 1873

History of PakistanFull-length standing studio portrait of a Muslim girl from Karachi in Sindh- 1870

History of PakistanSindee (Sindhi) woman, Mussulman (Muslim), Sind, 1870

History of PakistanShroff, Native Banker, Hindu, Sind, 1870

History of PakistanSketch of the peasants of Sind, by Le Tour du Monde, in 1868

History of PakistanMohana fisherman, Sind, 1865 this photograph is from the 1870 book “People of India”.

History of PakistanSind Police 1857  photograph by Beato, Felice, Italian (1825-1903)