Providing Funding for Legal Claims

Litigation funding is available with recommended online organisations in Australia that are fully backed financially by leading law firms. The principle aims are the investigation, management and funding of litigation. Online experts have a proven track record in helping businesses that may be seeking remedies to corporate wrongdoing. Legal specialists can provide companies both large and small, as well as independent businesses, the following services:

  • Funding for litigation
  • Appeal funding
  • Strategic planning, monitoring and the management of litigation
  • Factual investigations prior to litigation
  • Payments of adverse costs orders
  • Assistance in facilitating settlements and maximising the value of each claim
  • Experienced and successful litigation funders.

Before making contact with claims funding Australia why not read recent commercial litigation cases which cover current and previous claims?

The benefits of claims funding


Litigation funding is not always fully understood by practitioners or their clients so it’s very important to make contact with recommended online claims funding organisations in Australia. Online corporate wrongdoing consultants and advisers can explain the many benefits of applying for claims funding for instance:-

  1. Funding is a form of risk mitigation which won’t affect you even if you lose.
  2. If your claim does fail, adverse costs risks are covered. This means that you won’t have to pay the other side’s costs.
  3. Experienced claims funding specialists have the financial strength to enable claims to be pursued to finality.
  4. Established claims funding firms Down Under have a reputation that means defendants will take your claim seriously.

With the legal expertise and support from funding experts you will have a better chance of achieving a favourable outcome, especially during settlement negotiations

As a client you can also expect strong financial backing, risk mitigation and expertise in commercial litigation, what more could you ask for?

Don’t go it alone

If your business has an issue with any kind of corporate legal issue, it’s advisable not to go it alone. Making a claim on your own can be very stressful, complicated, time-consuming, not to mention costly, should you lose. Don’t worry reputable online companies are fully prepared to fund all types of commercial claims that include:-

a) Breach of trust
b) Any type of negligence
c) Intellectual property claims
d) Breach of contract
e) Misleading and deceptive conduct
f) Oppression of shareholders
g) Liquidator’s claims
h) Commercial arbitrations

Be in no doubt leading lawyers evaluate every request for funding making recommendations in-depth based on the relevant assessments. When you apply for claims funding, online specialists will have to consider the following to see whether they are willing to fund your claim:-

  • Does your claim have a reasonable chance of succeeding?
  • Is a value of the damages sufficient enough to justify the cost of bringing the claim?
  • Does the defendant have sufficient resources in order to pay damage?

Only when these factors have been discussed at length will you be given the green light for claims funding.

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