EaseUS Disk Copy

Don’t you wish for a free disk/partition clone software for home users which can work in Windows as well as Linux environment? A software that can easily guide you on how to clone a hard drive so all of your sata hard disk are well protected?

Your wish has now been answered by EaseUS Disk Copy Home which was recently awarded Four Stars by CNET Editors. It is an easy software that provides a step-by-step wizard on how to clone a hard drive for a quick disk and partition clone. It can easily make a sector by sector copy of your sata hard disk that is 1:1.


There’s a lot more features and functions that meets the eye other than on how to clone a hard drive using this free disk and partition cloning software. First of all, it provides us with two ways to clone a sata hard disk – either by sector-level or file-level. If time and space is an issue, then you should go with file level where you can identify specific files, folders or file types that you want to clone. But if you want a more thorough disk clone, then sector-level clone is the way to go for you.

Next we have Disk Imaging which provides a block-level disk imaging so that you can quickly and efficiently back up an entire disk or volume so you can do it on your sata hard disk and store it away someplace safe. Then when you need it, you can retrieve it back easily without affecting your main system.

File Backup is where you can choose to back up only specific files, folders and file types. Rather than having it on how to clone a hard drive, this is much faster and saves you precious space as well.

With System Backup, you are backed by a full system protection that allows you to easily back up and recover your operating system with all its applications, games and settings should a disaster were to happen.

To even save you time and space, you can go with either Incremental or Differential backup. This will only back up any changes that were made since your previous backup. Plus you can Schedule your backup to run on a daily, weekly, monthly or triggered by an event. It is very convenient indeed.

EaseUS Disk Copy Home will make your life easier since it takes care of how to clone a hard drive no matter you are on a Windows or Linux environment. It can pretty much back up and clone your sata hard disk so you can have a piece of mind and take away your worry.

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