When Does a Site Need CDN?

Content Delivery Network

Content Delivery Network (CDN) takes an original file and distributes it on multiple servers in different geographical locations, so that a web user can access a copy of that file from the nearest server within no time. This networking strategy resolves issues of routing and latency, increasing the overall speed of a site.

Being a webmaster, the question arises does your site really need CDN?

Content Delivery Network
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CDN is not Always Needful

CDN is not mandatory for every website. You don’t need to go through the complications of purchasing a CDN if:

  • Your web users are concentrated in one region, because within a small distance, the transmission bandwidth is high.
  • If your site has static content
  • You have a local business site (eatery, saloon, etc) which does not feature downloadable files.
    With that being said, the choice is yours. CDN would shorten the page loading time extensively.

When You Need CDN

Alternatively, if your web users demand a super fast website, Best CDN should be your ultimate choice. It provides efficient streaming of heavy web contents, mainly for the purposes of downloading static contents like graphic files, Java scripts, CSS, HTML etc. However, it is best suited when a site’s user-ship is dispersed around the globe.

In case high user traffic is directed toward your site, the delayed response will affect its rating and users would find it hard to obtain original content directly from the main server. Therefore, you need to purchase a CDN and access their region through edge servers, otherwise you’ll give them a reason to stop using your site and end up losing your viewers. CDN also helps providing good SEO experience. Moreover, the probability of site crashing and attacking risks are also reduced because of the site distribution on different servers.

Analyze Your Web Requirements Before Opting CDN

Most of the sites nowadays give preference to CDN to provide efficient surfing speed not only to the desktop users, but also mobile and tablet users to get stable responses worldwide. Google has also started to rank sites on the basis of their speed; therefore, it is also a trending factor for CDN. However, you must exercise precautions before purchasing a CDN. Choose your webhosting wisely and make a well informed decision. Some of the renowned CDN hosting companies are Cloudflare, Amazon CloudFront, Akamai and Fastly etc.

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