Classy canine arrived for first day of Crufts in the world’s biggest dog show

The world’s most popular and biggest dog show held in the Birmingham for the start of Crufts and thousands of dogs and owners participated in the National Exhibition Centre. Many dogs were seen in different styles and wearing the skin of tiger to impress the others and won the competition, the competitors were pictured their dogs and protect them from the rain. According to the rough estimate 27,000 dogs and 145,000 visitors expected to take part in world’s biggest dog show with great pump and show to win the competition.

Some pampered pets had specially designed canine willies in which to pad or rather paddle their way to the National Exhibition Centre, in this ceremony you can see each and every type of dogs small, poodle, big, long hairs and small mouth to wear the different cloths with many donning the latest in canine wet weather fashion to brave the rain.

dog showA dog arrives for the first day of Crufts sporting a tiger print onesie

dog showElegance takes second place in the downpour for many of the dogs as they make their way to the show

dog showThis dog clearly isn’t a massive fan of his footwear

dog showA Saint Bernard dog takes a well earned rest during the show, while a group of weary owners take time out for a chat

dog show It all got too much for Caitlin, aged nine, who sleeps on her Irish wolfhound on the first day of Crufts dog show at the NEC in Birmingham

dog showAn owner sleeps next to his Beagle in one of the competitors stalls. Both owners and dogs have had a very long day, with many travelling large distances to reach the show

dog showA pair of Afghan Hound wearing hoods are looking a little sleepy at the end of a hard day at Crufts

dog showA yawning foxhound looks ready to curl up and take a dog nap

dog showA plucky dachshund ignores the height difference to sniff a huge Irish Wolfhound as the pair pass each other during the show

dog showLong-haired dachshunds (left) and Irish Wolfhounds are judged during the first day of the Crufts dog show

dog showA dachshund looks up at a pair of bloodhounds at the show. Dogs of all shapes and sizes were walked, carried and even wheeled into the National Exhibition Centre today

dog showJodie Kidd (pictured with her pet jack russell Doobby, left and right) was one of a number of celebrities who attended the first day of Crufts 2013

dog showCaroline Sheppard from Kings Lynn gets a friendly lick while cuddling Irish Wolfhounds Bliss and Whisper

dog showBasset Hound Larry looks rather distinguished in this pair of specs after coming third in his class at Crufts

dog showA Cirneco dell’Etna hound peers into the camera with its ears pricked up. It’s friend (in the background) looks a little less relaxed however

dog show90s pop star Chris Amoo of ‘The Real Thing’ with his Afghan hound. The beautifully groomed dog managed to grab third place in its class

dog showA foxhound introduces himself to a visitor at Crufts

dog showThis rather sad looking dog looks a bit wet and cold despite his coat as he waits to get into the dry and warmth of the NEC

dog showThese two elegant dogs look ready for the cat walk already as they stroll towards the show in figure hugging all over body suits

dog showA man pulls his dog along in a covered container, while another owner shows off her well dressed pets (right)

dog showThe weather may not be the best but thousands of visitors and dogs have been braving the rain to make it to this year’s show

dog showDogs of all sizes, shapes and colours have been filing in to the NEC today at the start of the four-day-long event

dog showThese two dogs took a good look at each other’s outfits as they arrived for Crufts. Owners were anxious too keep the rain off their pet’s well groomed coats

dog showDog’s life: Dominico Traversri arrives with his Afghan dog Louis on the first day of Crufts 2013 at the National Exhibition Centre, in Birmingham

dog showThese smart looking dachshunds look quite happy to brave the elements without any coats

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