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Retired Architect James Curvan to Build Most Awesome Tree House

James Curvan has put his abilities to work creating a amazing tree house for children in Terrell, Texas. Curvan let his creativity run huge range to make a complex building with a...

Wow! Unbelievable High-flying Fun with Parrots

Parrots perch in tree divisions and on hands and shoulder area of visitors in Miami, November 1950.

A Two-Headed Bull Shark Found by Fisher in the Gulf of Mexico

A two-headed bull shark was caught by fishermen 2 years and he gave it to scientists, who wrote about it in an article published in the Journal of Fish Biology this week. C....

The Incredible Art on Colourful flies and wasps

We see all these flies, wasps and bugs in daily life but don’t take the attention towards them due to our busy life but Waldzik who is 29 years old using micro-photography...

Classy canine arrived for first day of Crufts in the world’s biggest dog show

The world’s most popular and biggest dog show held in the Birmingham for the start of Crufts and thousands of dogs and owners participated in the National Exhibition Centre. Many dogs were...

The Stunning Images of 2012 in the World

These are the most stunning images of the world in 2012 that show the whole scenario of life at different angles and situations, every photographer tried his best to show the real...

The Amazing History of Women with Tattoos

The history of tattoos is 5000 year old and ancient women feels happy to create the tattoos on the body parts; they created it by inserting colored materials beneath the skins surface....

The primate was born to the 18 year old lowland gorilla after successful breeding

The gorilla mother give birth after breeding programme, look into her eyes as she cradles her newborn baby with love.
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