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A Flock Sheep to Jump Over Hurdles

A flock sheep jump over hurdles and streams by being given croissants and Ribena as rewards.

The Ethiopian Monkey Produces Voice Like Human

There is a long research behind it and after a hard work and search Friendly lip-smacks provided the history of this baboon’s cousin’s monkey who produces the voice like human speech, according...

Wow … Are You Alive?

Looks like he is walking on the sky..    

The Creatures Living at the Bottom of the Sea

There look like animals from another galaxy, but these multi-coloured see slugs are actually one of the wonders of our sea. Nudibranchs are soft-bodied marine molluscs that shed their seashells after their...

Would Accidentally French Kiss?

 Sweet girl, sweet kiss, lucky dog  

Incredible Shot of the Lightning Storm in New Mexico

Lightning is a unexpected electrostatic discharge between cloud to cloud and cloud to earth. It happens during a storm caused by strong rising air currents and heavy rain.  The photographer get a...
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