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is that in Mexico!?

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World’s Most Bizarre Mother!

French Artist Bernard Pras has designed An Amazing Anamorphic Portrait of Malian Actor Sotigui Kouyaté

You can see an anamorphic portrait of his work here.

A Flock Sheep to Jump Over Hurdles

A flock sheep jump over hurdles and streams by being given croissants and Ribena as rewards.

The Ethiopian Monkey Produces Voice Like Human

There is a long research behind it and after a hard work and search Friendly lip-smacks provided the history of this baboon’s cousin’s monkey who produces the voice...

Wow … Are You Alive?

Looks like he is walking on the sky..    

The Creatures Living at the Bottom of the Sea

There look like animals from another galaxy, but these multi-coloured see slugs are actually one of the wonders of our sea. Nudibranchs are soft-bodied marine molluscs...

Dogs Dressed with Sexy Stockings and High Heels

We had seen the animals in different dressings but in the images some proud owners presented their dogs with imaging dressing, the dogs can be seen in sexy stockings and...

Would Accidentally French Kiss?

 Sweet girl, sweet kiss, lucky dog