How To Get Best Quality Marble Benchtops For Your Kitchen?

There are various benchtops in the market but marble benchtops are one of the preferred choices of most people. Marble is not just a good quality stone which can be used for making table tops and kitchen counter tops, but it can also be used to make bench tops in the garden. Plain white marble grained and polished marble and colored marble can be used to decorate your home. It is not just easy to clean and maintain, but it is also a sturdy structure that can be used to decorate your office also.  However, in case of any difficulty to use and install the benchtops there are also thousands of solutions available in the market that can be much helpful. Though marble has a long life but with the normal wear and tear also proper maintenance and cleaning can help to improve the life of this beautiful benchtops.


Multiple utilities of using marble:

Marble benchtops are the best and the safest way to decorate your kitchen.

  • These benchtops can be cleaned very easily, by using mild soap or detergent, or else, you can also get good quality cleaning agents from the market. For this reason, marble benchtops are used by many different households.
  • These benchtops are easy to shape and polish which adds more value to the benchtops. As they are weighty, they are also steady and hence much useful as a firm benchtop. They can easily be cut as per the requirements of sides and benchtops. There are also many different size of cut already available in the market that can be much helpful to the users.
  • Many people also feel that the cleaning of marble benchtops is a bit difficult task but it is not the fact. With the help of a non-abrasive cleaner one can surely clean the benchtop and make it just like new one. However, one must be careful while choosing the cleaning agent as ammonia and hydrogen peroxide can be harmful and same is the case with the dish washing liquids which have citric acid in them.

Cleaning tips for marble benchtops:

To have perfect cleaning of the marble benchtops the use of warm water can be much helpful as it can remove the stains and liquids such as oil naturally. However, here one must note that the water must be only warm and not too hot. It also helps the benchtops to shine out. If one gets chlorine water, then it is better to avoid it as chlorine can be harmful to the marble. Regular polish to the marble benchtops can be much helpful in maintaining their beauty and long life. It will also prove much helpful in cleaning and to keep it shining. For polish one can use turpentine. Just apply the turpentine after cleaning the benchtop with warm water and after removing the water off from the benchtops. The thinner which is used with paints can also be a good option for polishing. Regular cleaning of the benchtops can be much helpful to increase their look and shine as well as life. Marble is a porous material and hence the liquid such as oil can recede inside it which may spoil the look. The cleaning of the same can prevent any damage. It can be scrubbed with brushes available in market or one can also use an old toothbrush for easier cleaning. Here the caustic soda can also be useful to clean the benchtops.

Proper maintenance and regular sealing can also be too helpful to keep the marble benchtops clean and long-lasting, adding a great charm to the main area of the house and also facilitating the user. You can get more beautiful marble benchtops for your kitchen b doing some online research as well.

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