Android Smartwatch That Runs On The iOS

The first Android Smartwatch that runs on the operating system that has been developed by the Apple. Sound a bit weird. Actually, the Android is the name of the company, not the operating system developed by the Google, which has manufactured another fancy smart watch running on the iOS. The smart watch has been in the market at just $200. The screen might not be as bright as AMOLED technology, the screen is versatile and flexible to tolerate rough climate as well as it is based upon the TFT technology.

Android SmartWatch

The watch is colored in the multiple textures and tints, offering the ultra gorgeous smart watch. The new affordable gadget is designed to target the budget buying of the common man, offering the smart features just like the Samsung smartwatch. The design of the watch is just like the conventional watches present in the market for a long time. This makes it unique and simple from all other smart watches on the market.