Amazing Timber Flooring Options for Home for Excellent Interior and Increase Property Value

With varieties of flooring options available around the world, Timber flooring is becoming very popular and is widely used in most of the houses. It is believed that timber adds up to the value of the home in addition to enhancing the interior beauty. Among wood flooring, the choices are ample, which begins right from cheap but quality wood to high quality expensive flooring. For not doubts, woods are strong enough to sustain equally with any other flooring options such as granite, marble, tiles or other choices. Moreover, it also lasts longer.

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Wood flooring is also the best choice to renovate or design new place or home. Many may think that such flooring option would cost them huge, but with the various types of choices available, one can make the home flooring within the planned or expected budget range. It is not only for home purposes, but also many corporate or commercial complexes have started using wood flooring for its elegant appearance and natural feel that people experience inside.

Before, knowing the types of timber flooring options, here are a few advantages for why they are best:

Advantages of using timber flooring:

  • It brings excellent value for the money spent
  • Lasts long, as long as the building can, even for 100 years
  • It can be resurfaced if needed
  • It is very easy to clean and maintain
  • Gives a soft feel to foot unlike any other concrete or tiles that may tire feet and legs
  • Eco-friendly, as wood can be recycled and renewed
  • It gives elegant look to the indoor interior
  • Choices of wood are ample such as, oak, teak, brush box, Merbau, Ironbark, spotted gum, pine, bamboo  and more
  • Luxury but cheap flooring option
  • Cost –effective while want to renovate
  • Best for long term investment
  • Affordable by all to purchase
  • Easy to install, while compared to other flooring

The advantages can be listed more, as the benefits experienced are never limited.

10 Stunning Timber Flooring Options:

Here follows, the stunning hardwood flooring options, that brings varieties of ideas and options to home and corporate places;

1. Solid Tongue and Groove:

This is the traditional choices of hardwood flooring that offers long lasting durability and beauty. This type of flooring is designed to be laid directly to joists, battens, nailed to old wood flooring or laid over concrete. The boards are so designed, that they give a stable and continuous surface. The wood for such flooring are available various grades such as; natural and standard. The choices of wood available are, Jarrah, Rose Gum, Australian Beech, Sydney Blue Gum, Spotted Gum, Forest Reds, Brushbox, Mahogany, Irobbark and more.

2. Engineered Flooring:

This is the popular type of flooring. It gives the benefits of groove and tongue flooring, but without having to sand or polish. The boards used are coated and pre-finished to apply; therefore it can be easily installed. Such flooring come in raw and different glosses can be applied. This flooring is also available in different colors and hues to perfectly match with interior.

3. Parquetry:

This type comes in standard and select grade. It gives stunning and unique features to the premises. It basically comes in two styles such as; block and mosaic. Tasmanian oak, Alpine Ash, Sydney Blue Gum, Brush Box, Black butt is some of the wood choices.

4. Unfinished wood flooring:

This flooring can be done with various finish options as needed. Any specific color can be chosen to match the existing flooring or home interior. This type of flooring is chosen by many people, as it gives the choice to select the finish as required.

5. Factory finished flooring:

In this type, the finish is applied by the manufacturers, however is available in different choices. This type is widely available and it requires only less time for installation when compared to any other types. This is because, the sanding process and finishing process are already done before they are made available for sales. It serves as an instant floor to easily install and ready to walk.

6. Laminate timber flooring:

This type of flooring will have the picture of wood impregnated on board. It gives the look of the natural wood. This is a cheaper option; however it can also be used on existing wood floors to renovate or to resurface. This flooring come in different hues and color choices

7. Bamboo flooring:

This is another good choice of flooring is preferred by most of the homeowners for its unique and good natural appearance to the interior. Bamboo flooring is hard wearing, stable and lightweight. Moreover, bamboo is stable in any weather conditions, as it has innate moisture resistant. Bamboo is environmental friendly, adds to the warmth and quality to the home.

8. Cork flooring:

This type of flooring is hardwearing and practical option. It is good for areas with heavy traffic. It is a natural product. It is warm in summer and cool in winter. It is environmental friendly and lasts for many years. It can be used for creating any types of patterns for home flooring.

9. Long strip hardwood flooring:

This is another type of engineering flooring option with the finished layers made up of various thinner wood piles that are glued together for making it to be a single plank. This flooring is designed especially for the floating installation and on subfloors. It is available in different grades.

10. Pre-Finished Flooring:

This is an economical option that saves labor. Gives better finish featuring aluminum oxide. It is easy to install. This flooring is sanded about three times and comes with eight coating to get a good finish. It is, moreover, UV curved.

From the varieties of options available for wood flooring, the selection may become tougher. However, based on the preferences, individual interest, customizable option and ideas, the types of flooring can be chosen. Besides, the choice of wood also plays vital role in selecting hardwood flooring, as its influence the budget greatly. Thus, considering various factors and based on the availability of the type of wood, the flooring can be selected for home or office interior.

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