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5 Ways That Labor Day Rocked This Year

Saying goodbye to summer is never easy. Thankfully, the Labor Day weekend usually helps to send it off in style … and this year was no exception. With beautiful weather and good friends by your side, there’s no better way to spend your well-deserved long weekend!

Here are five ways that Labor Day 2013 totally rocked.

1. You got a day off work

So much of our life is spent working, commuting, and even just thinking about work. This is what makes a day away from the office so exciting.

Although more Americans than ever worked on Labor Day this year, it’s important to take time for yourself. Forget about the time and a half; reward yourself instead!

A long weekend lets you refocus your mind and gives you some much-needed time to relax. Getting a day off at the end of a great summer was one of the many reasons Labor Day rocked this year.

2. Time was spent with friends

In our day-to-day lives, it can be challenging to make time for everything. Between work and family, there’s not a whole lot of time or energy left over.

So you may not always devote enough time to catching up with your friends. However, a long weekend is the perfect excuse to round up your nearest and dearest and make up for lost time.

Spending Labor Day with friends and loved ones helped to make it a memorable and enjoyable celebration.

3. Indulging in great food

The Labor Day weekend is all about indulging and having a good time; in other words, treating yourself to some great party snacks. Whether you hosted your own party this year or attended someone else’s, surely there was plenty of great food to go around.

One reason to love Labor Day? Being able to munch on some tasty treats!

4. Enjoying a refreshing drink

Summertime and cool drinks go together well. Which is why this Labor Day, you probably had a drink (or two)! Whether you celebrated with some refreshing fruit punch or tried some fantastic home-made whiskey, it’s highly probable that drinks were in high demand.

To make sure that your Labor Day rocks next year too, make sure you’ve got more than enough cold drinks around.

5. Ending the summer with a bang

Technically, summer doesn’t end immediately after the Labor Day weekend … but it sure can feel like it! Once it’s over, the colder weather starts coming in and it’s back to school for the kids. While it’s sad to say goodbye to those carefree summer days, your rocking Labor Day likely ended summer with a bang!

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