5 Quick Tips to Align Sales and Marketing

Although during the course of any theory sales is a part of marketing, however, in reality both are poles apart and considered contrast by the people working in any of the departments for the organization.

Tips to Align Sales and Marketing

However, days are approaching when the difference between the two is coming to a close and the work force understands that both need to alliance to get mutual benefits. If both the teams are not working in sync they are bound to miss on some business revenue and to capture the better markets. So, make the most of both the teams here are 5 quick tips, which will help you keep the teams aligned:

1. Technology Bridge:

To make the teams work together you need to work out a bridge for the two and what other way than a technological bridge. All one needs would be a cool software that ties the marketing actives to the CRM software. Easy to access the software will work as a bridge between the 2 teams.

2. Allow the sales team to market:

The job of the marketing team is to catch the pulse of the market at any given point of time. Based on this the sales force works on their output. So who better than the sales team to be involved with such a job? Allow them to catch the pulse of the market, so that they understand the market well and are able to sell better.

3. Marketing can focus on getting sales ready leads:

The marketing team needs to generate leads that are close to closing the deal. This is bound to make the job of the sales team easier. The marketing team can get the job done by focusing on the SEO, online marketing, AdWords, LinkdIn etc. This process would need the effective implementation of the first step.

4. Documentation of Success:

You can have a medium to document the success. The sales team can ring the bell in the office space or may be a common area can have a copy of the success documents. This is enough to boost the morale of both the teams.

5. Break the walls:

If the organization is serious to break the barriers between the two teams it is vital to take some noticeable steps. Make the two teams sit in the common area. Organize a few ice-breaking activities between the two.

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