5 Gadgets That Will Change Your Life in 2015

As technology improves and constantly upgrades and develops, newer and better things are discovered and invented every single day. We have compiled the 5 top gadgets that will change your life this year. This is the future, now.

1. The Mimo Baby Shirt

The Mimo Baby Shirt

The Mimo shirt is a onesie that monitors every health aspect of your baby. It detects temperature, body position, sleep patterns, breathing, and more. It even has a built-in microphone. Connected through your home’s wifi network, you can be anywhere in the house and still have the satisfaction and comfort of knowing everything about what your baby is doing. Babies R’ Us will sell you one for the price of $299!

2. The Ambient Umbrella that Forecasts Weather

This is just plain awesome, not to mention convenient. It is literally an umbrella that forecasts the weather using the Accuweather app installed on your phone. It does this with a Bluetooth receiver located in the handle. If the forecast is calling for rain the base will pulse in a certain pattern using a blue LED.

3. UpRight Pose – A Wearable Device that Corrects Posture

The popular phrase used to be “there’s an app for that” has morphed into “there’s a wearable for that”. From watches that track your heartrate, to glasses that can display a map right in front of your eyes, to smart clothing that monitor’s your stats or your baby’s (see above), it seems that there is a wearable for every possibility. And now we are introducing another wearable device known as UpRight. While most wearables’ main purpose is to collect data and present it later or in the form of notifications at the moment, this one is quite different. Of course, it still comes with the nifty ability to collect data and present it to you for study on your smartphone; however it is unique in that its main goal is to help improve your posture by attaching comfortably to your lower back. Using sensors, it monitors and detects the position and movement of your spine and vibrates if your posture needs to be improved or corrected. With many studies linking good posture to well-being and high self-esteem, a lot of value has been placed on maintaining it, and UpRight seems to be the modern way to getting it and keeping it.

4. The Smart Trash Can

This trash can comes equipped with a barcode scanner and camera. Anytime you throw something away in it (whether it’s a milk jug, butter can, etc.) the snaps a picture and scans the barcode if oriented correctly. Next, through your amazon account, it automatically places an order for those items to restock your inventory. This product has huge room for growth and potential, and will only get smarter as the developers make the can’s software even better.

5. LumiTouch Picture Frame – Know When Someone is Looking At

YouEver heard the saying that if you your ears are burning someone is talking about you? This picture frame has a buddy that is given to a significant other or a loved one. When one person picks theirs up to look at, the other person’s frame will glow in the corresponding areas and with a brighter intensity for the amount of pressure on the other frame. Now you can know for sure when someone is thinking or talking about you.

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