12 Historical Photoraphs

The New York Times Writers 1942The New York Times Writers 1942

Canadian firefightersCanadian firefighters seal an oil well in Kuwait after iraqi sabotage during the Gulf War, 1991
Drug StoreInside a 1913 Drug Store

Group of kidsGroup of kids on the mean streets of Springfield, Massachusetss, by Lewis Wickes Hine, 1916
Torpedo shopTorpedo shop at the Washington Navy Yard, circa 1917

Paris 1909An exhibition of flying machines, Paris 1909

London Music 1955Customer at a London Music store listen to the latest record releases in soundproof listening booths, 1955

the last kiss WWII The last kiss WWII

ENIAC one of the most historic computersENIAC one of the most historic computers

Vova Egorov 15 year old scoutVova Egorov, 15 year old scout for the red Army, WWII, April 1942

Brighton Swiming club 1863Brighton Swiming club 1863

Annette Kellerman promoted womens rightAnnette Kellerman promoted womens right to wear a one piece bathing suit like this circa 1907 she was arrested for indecency