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Two Thirds of New Drivers Are Not Ready for the Road

Two Thirds of New Drivers Are Not Ready for the Road

What’s the news? Research carried out by Insurance company Liberty shows that 61 per cent of new drivers, having passed their practical driving test, don’t...

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Weight Loss

The Intimate Link between Weight Loss and Greater Mobility

Obesity and weight loss struggles are plaguing Americans. These topics are ever-present on television and featured in print media, due to the extreme difficulty so many...

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tesla model

The 5 Best Cars for Techies

The first decade of the new century ushered in some significant advances in technology vis-a-vis hand-held devices, smartphones, and social media. Ten years ago, GPS,...

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Low Cost Ways Of Improving Your Business

When launching a startup, there are various things you can do to boost and improve your business. However, if you are trying to do something new, there are no right or...

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boat safety tips for pets

Top 8 tips and tricks when taking your pet onboard

Some boaters find it difficult to leave their pets behind whether they are proceeding on a long or short boat trip. Having a pet in your boat can spice up the trip by...

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Rubber Speed Humps – Safety & Flexibility On The Roads

Speeding is one of the main reasons for accidents worldwide. This is the reason why speed humps are installed or placed on most of the highways and roads where speeding...

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forex trade

How to Use Social Media to Monitor Your Stock Trading

Trading stocks has always been a very social activity, whether it was done traditionally at dinner parties, investor clubs, or business boardrooms. With the advent of...

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